The New Dance Forum
Co-production of the Serbian National Theatre and the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Serbia

45 minutes

Choreography: Rosana Hribar and Gregor Luštek (Slovenia)
Selection of Music: Rosana Hribar and Gregor Luštek (Slovenia)
Costumes Design: Marina Sremac
Set Design Concept: Rosana Hribar, Gregor Luštek (Slovenia)
Assistants to Choreographers: Jasna Kovačić and Olivera Kovačević Crnjanski
Performers: Jelena Marković, Frosina Dimovska, Bojana Matić, Sonja Batić, Sara Tošić, Jelena Alempijević, Igor Pastor and Dušan Murić
Lights: Mladen Bukarica and Tihomir Boroja
Sound: Dušan Jovanović
Associate in the realisation of set design concept: Željko Piškorić
Stage Managers: Ivan Svirčević, Tanja Cvijić

Champagne and Strawberries (Lifetime Warranty Gratis)

The body’s automatic functions allow an infinite number of adaptations to the visible and invisible elements of reality. The fragments born through interactions between the mind and the body, the bodily reflex responses to different kinds of stimuli – conscious and unconscious, are transformed into new extremities, new synapses and create new mosaics of meaning.

Taking the fundamental dualisms as the starting point (male-female, external-internal, pure-dirty...) we sort out, recombine, make complex, hide the naked, differentiate, format... we build an abundance of transitions, colours of the rainbow which despite (and because) of an increasing number of colours turn into elegant gray. The demand for cheap (or expensive) miracles in the shades of gray creates a desire illuminated by neon lights and provokes the tender product of renunciation of life, packed in itself. Of life which is for sale! Lifetime warranty gratis!


ROSANA HRIBAR and GREGOR LUŠTEK are outstanding representatives of the generation of dancers born in the early 1970s; they are prominent members of the Slovene dance scene and collaborate with the most important authors of the contemporary dance art.
Rosana and Gregor form a fresh and dynamic choreographic tandem, members of the Ljubljana Dance Theatre. They have been creating and dancing together for a number of years and have received several international recognitions for their choreographies.