In(fant)fusion: A CITIZEN

Srđan Simić, Serbia

25 minutes

Script and Direction: Bojan Dakić
Cast: Srđan Simić
Sound: Stevan Hertig and Marko Jakovljević

We thank the Tennis Club “Index”, parents and Aunt Draga

“Citizen” is a performance with elements of the Theatre of the Absurd and physical theatre, following in the footsteps of Tadeusz Kantor’s poetics.
Getting into a struggle with the myths and ideologies of today, where computers and the media create the man’s cognitive, corporal, psychological, even his spiritual world, “a hungry artist” (hungry for true values of human existence, for the man as such, for love, for God) finds “salvation” (as so many times before) in the grotesque, tragedy in comedy.
At the time when Orwellian civilisation is reaching its schizophrenic boom, our Citizen, himself crippled by the “beauty” of such “Flowers of Evil” (actually “man-eating plants”), is trying to get his head out of this world of chaos, if not in this, then at least in the next world.

Srđan Simić