Dos Lunas Teatro, Spain

Duration: 50 minutes

Original idea and Performance: Mariana González Roberts
Stage Design: Dijana Milošević, Mariana González Roberts, Angela Gomar
Costumes: Dijana Milošević, Mariana González Roberts
Lighting Design: Angela Gomar
Translation: Guiomar Fernández Troncoso
Photos: Audrey Sani
Slides: Adolfo Fernández
Graphic Design: Hipólito de la Rosa
Organisation: David F. Troncoso, Ana Donoso Mora
Production: Dos Lunas Producciones S.L.
Dramaturgy and Direction: Dijana Milošević
Texts: Mariana González Roberts and diverse sources

On the Seashore

A girl who could not sleep. A mother telling a story.
“Once upon a time, in a place called Wales, a group of people had a dream and went to look for it...”
They were a group of Welsh who, at the end of the 19th century, founded a Colony in Patagonia in Argentina. Rebecca Lewis was one of the women of this group, the great-great-grandmother of that girl.
However, the mother is not telling the story in Patagonia but in Sevilla. Because many years later she took the reverse path of her ancestors, as well in search of a better life.
And the story she tells talks about the nostalgia and the women of her family who had the courage to make decisions concerning their lives...and their deaths.
The central theme of the play explores the possibilities to create a space where memories stay alive. And it asks questions about the decisions we make that change our lives.

What are we doing with our memories?
What are we doing with our dead?
What are we telling our children?
Can beauty be a form to resist oblivion?
How are our lives seen from the seashore of our memories?

Dos Lunas Teatro

Dos Lunas Teatro was founded in 2001 by David Fernández Troncoso, Mariana González Roberts, Horacio Perez y Real and Carolina Donnantuoni. The company was born with a clear spirit of theatrical investigation and the reunion of experiences. Coming from different fields of the scenic arts, these professionals merge their diverse creative ways to explore the mixture of scenic languages in the framework of the investigation of women and theatre. The integration of Ana Donoso Mora in 2004 added a new audiovisual universe to the company’s productions. Since its formation the company has created 12 performances and theatre plays, with which they have toured through Spain, Italy, Argentina, Peru and Turkey, and participated in various International Theatre Festivals. The constant collaboration with theatre companies from other countries is a fundamental objective of Dos Lunas Teatro’s artistic project. Since 2003 the company also organizes “La Otra Mirada” (“The Other View”), an international encounter of women in theatre, and collaborated in two productions with Daniel Suárez Marzal (Argentina) and the Dah Teatar Research Centre (Serbia). At the moment the company maintains a structure of production and distribution that employs 5 professionals from diverse fields of the scenic arts.

“Mariana González Roberts gives an example in this FIT (Festival Internacional de Teatro, Cádiz) of the fusion, which represents America and the theatre. Her Argentinean voice comes out of a red-haired body giving away her Celtic origins. An all enriching crossing. The performance is intimate and humane. There is representation, music, gaelic language and great tenderness. As such, Ar Lan Y Mor is almost a path of initiation.”
Javier Miranda  - Diario de Cádiz