Ana Dubljević, Serbia

Duration: 40 minutes

Idea, Choreography, Performance: Ana Dubljević
Text and Dramaturgy: Milica Ivić
Text spoken by: Anđela Stamenković
Sound Design: Boža Podunavac
Technical Support: Stefan Mažić
Graphic Design: Marko Sojaković
Photography: Ana Blažić Pavlović


“It” is a dance solo investigating the issues of the body. It originates from a research into the relationship between non-verbal and verbal languages and body language. What is the possible extent of verbalising a body? What are the limits of embodying the verbal? What happens when we give the gift of speech to the body?
In “It” we find ourselves sucked into unknown corporal stories about body’s potentials, limitations, its genders and numbers, its dualities and indivisibilities. Perhaps we can also find in it some questions of acceptability and unacceptability as well as of differences and samenesses.    
The choreographic material results from a research into “one’s own” body movement. The entire project was inspired by the Fourth Body by Paul Valéry from his essay “Some Simple Reflections on the Body”. The First Body is the one inseparable from us; it is not exactly clear how much it belongs to us and how much we belong to it. The Second Body is how others perceive us, and as such it is subject to a certain system of values of the acceptable. The Third Body is the anatomic one, the organic subdermal system which, by convention, belongs to the field of scientific knowledge. Finding the Fourth Body is a search for their unity.
“It” also explores the issue of non-collective perception of a performance as a public and collective event and its possibilities. It shifts into the position of the viewer. The performance singularises and “privatises”. It makes obvious the fact that there are as many performances as there are those who watch it.
“It” speaks of itself, but not only about itself.

The realisation of It was supported by: The Belgrade Secretariat of Culture, ArtLink - Jardin D'Europe, CI “Vuk Kradžić”- The Belgrade Dance Centre and STANICA – Service for Contemporary Dance