In(fant)fusion: LIMES - Community Art

Mimart Theatre, Serbia

Presentation of the project LIMES is beginning of the work on the project “Wake UP”, supported by EU, in collaboration with England (Opera Circus and Edinburgh University) and with the Netherlands (Musicians without Borders International). The two-year project coordinated by Tina Ellen Lee (Opera Circus) has a goal of promoting inter-cultural dialogue through training of cultural leaders, supporting mobility of artists and the creation of respect for cultural diversity.

The project LIMES is a form of dialogical art, community art, for the first time performed in Serbia by the Mimart Theatre. It was first performed in a non-theatre space, in the building of the Municipality of Old City, where the participants of the workshop came from. Developing creativity of citizens by applying theatrical methods in an open process during two months of workshops resulted in a performance with professional artists. The aim of the project is the Impact of Culture and Creative Art on Community Cohesion.

The concept of the project LIMES based on the method of Mimart’s work with citizens was created by Nela Antonović and her collaborators Predrag Radovančević, Ana Bastać, Lidija Antonović, Dubravka Subotić, Nikola Vranić, Marjam Ristić and Ivan Milenković.