Andrej Tišma, Serbia

The audio-visual collage by Andrej Tišma entitled “Delicate Situation” consists of about twenty short audio pieces and a video projection whose content accompanies the music. The audio pieces are of the concrete collage type and are dealing with the current world events such as the appearance of new viruses, climate changes, economic crisis, degradation of food, the world of entertainment, commercials, terrorism, globalisation, guns and wars... providing this constellation with a unique authorial commentary. Tišma’s audio pieces are characterised by emphasised verbal elements imported from films, video games, documentaries and TV, brimming with sound effects and samples of found music of different genres. Musicologist Dušan Mihalek describes Andrej Tišma’s audio pieces as preserving the main features of his multi-media works: collage, quotations, mystification, intervention, defamiliarisation, and primarily – engagement.


ANDREJ TIŠMA, born in 1952 in Novi Sad, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 1976. He has been exhibiting as a solo artist since 1972 (Novi Sad, Belgrade, Milan, Seoul, New York, San Francisco, London, Budapest, Tokyo), and since 1969 he has taken part in over 500 collective shows in over 40 countries. His fields of work include concrete poetry, mail-art, stamp art, photography, performance art, electro-graphics, video, web-art and music. He started publishing his reviews and essays in various newspapers, magazines, on the radio and television in 1976.
His music work has been presented on the Kunst Radio, Vienna (2007), HTTP Gallery, London (2007), Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad (2007), ATA Gallery, San Francisco (2007), Museum of Contemporary Art, Pasadena (2007), Radio Belgrade 2 (2007), Music Radio ‘Kol Hamusika’ Jerusalem (2007), Cafe Club Izba, Novi Sad (2007), Small Art Salon, Novi Sad (2008), Studio M, Novi Sad (2008), Master Centre, Novi Sad (2009), HTTP Gallery, London (2009).

Andrej Tišma lives and works in Novi Sad. Web presentation: www.atisma.com