Divadlo Continuo / Continuo Theatre, Czech Republic

Duration: 60 minutes

Sarah Lerch (Switzerland)
Kateřina Šobáňová (Czech Republic)
Lianca Pandolfini (Italy – Greece)
Martin Janda (Czech Republic)
Michal Puhač (Czech Republic)
Alessandro La Rocca (Italy)

Author: Pavel Štourač and the members of Continuo Theatre
Stage Design: Helena Štouračová
Director: Pavel Štourač
Production: Art Prometheus, o.s. (Jakub Vedral, Nina Vlahyová)

Finis Terrae

An island in the middle of the world. The image of a woman’s abandoned soul in the shadow of men’s grandiose journeys. She is humble, quiet, furious, wild, passionate, loving and embracing, raving and tempestuous.
Theatre of movement, dance and visual arts, a montage of historical texts, movement, live music, rhythm and artistic poetry. Five women and a man in an allegory about two journeys; one male, one female, one external and one internal. Men wander in distant lands in order to achieve their dreamed-of ideals. Meanwhile, women dream of their journeys, about the places where they are going. They take an invisible journey within themselves. And their dreams have hidden paths that might be even more colorful and realistic that visible travels.

The “Finis Terrae” street project has been prepared by an international team of performers from Spain, Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic under the leadership of the director Pavel Štourač. The project’s artwork was created by Helena Štouračová and Kristýna Patková.

Divadlo Continuo / Continuo Theatre

Divadlo Continuo / Continuo Theatre is an international professional theatre group led by director and artistic coordinator Pavel Štourač. The founding members of the group began to work together in 1990 at Theatre Academy for the Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. Later they gained professional status and took the name Continuo Theatre. Since 1995 they have worked out of the village of Malovice in a former farmstead that carries the name The Plum Courtyard.
Since 1997, Divadlo Continuo / Continuo Theatre has systematically dedicated its creative work to street theatre projects and theatrical performing in such non-traditional venues as courtyards, old factories, historic buildings etc. Among the most important projects of this kind have been the street production Drakoni (1997), Cirkus Vitae (1998), So Long as Your Dreams Will Part You (2001), the international theatrical workshop Kratochvílení (1997-2006), held each year on the premises of the Plum Yard in Malovice and the renaissance palace Kratochvíle and “site specific” projects like the ceremonial closing of the project Prague – European City of Culture (2000), Streetcar Grand Opening, Portland, USA (2001), Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan (2005), the project Zen Gardens, Prague (2006), On the Levee, Malovice (2007), Feast of Time (2008) and Landscape on the request (2009).

“In a little village of Malovice in Southern Bohemia, the Plum Yard is the headquarters, home and workplace one of the most interesting contemporary theatre troupes in this country, Divadlo Continuo. This is theatre that arises and is created in a concrete, natural, rural environment, theatre that is tied by its roots to folk culture and that explores – using simple theatrical forms, just stories and music – the ancient traditions that would otherwise end up suffocating under the concrete highways of present-day techno-culture. Theatre that is inventive and that is able to reshape those traditions into its own original style…”
Vladimír Hulec, in the theatrical journal “Divadelní noviny”