Ister Theatre – Bitef Theatre, Serbia

Duration: 45 minutes

Choreography: Anđelija Todorović, Danica Arapović, Jelena Jović
Cast:  Anđelija Todorović, Danica Arapović, Jelena Jović
Dramaturgy: Damir Vijuk
Composer: Nenad Jelić
Set Design: Ljubomir Todorović
Light Design and Photography: Aleksandar Milosavljević
Costumes: Ister Theatre
Video: Andreja Jović
Mask and Make-up: Branislava Kuprešanin
Organisation (for the Ister Theatre): Miodrag Lazović

Desert 2010

In 2000, on the 12th anniversary of the Bitef Theatre, the Ister Theatre staged its premiere of the play “Desert” in the Bitef Theatre house. The play focused on taking an introspective look at us as spiritual beings, after the dark period of our history and in the cruel reality surrounding us. After everything we had gone through, we asked – what are we, who are we, where are we and where are we going?
“Desert 2010” is homage to “Desert 2000”, resting upon it as its stronghold and inspiration for creating the new show. “Desert 2010” poses the same questions and focuses on the same topics, ten years later, and is likely to get the same answers.
What are we, who are we and where are we today, ten years later? Has anything changed? Have we changed?
Our contemporary moment is the main inspiration for our response to living a life in these times and in these parts.

The desert is the place where one faces his own self.
Those who travel around the desert constantly engage in internal conversations or philosophise with others about the secrets and true values of life.
In the desert, one seeks answers to one’s own secrets and doubts; the answers elusive to destiny and composed both of contradiction and harmony.

Desert is, just like Ocean, a place where nothing ever changes. Are we turning into an endless ocean which does not move, does not breathe, whose heart is not ticking; a lifeless ocean seeping out like sand grains in an hourglass of time? Whether we live or not, it is all the same; we stand as a mirage on the horizon of tired travellers.

The Ister Theatre

The Ister Theatre is named after the ancient name of the Danube River. It was founded in 1994. Research and merging dance techniques and dramatic expression in a physical theatre are its main focuses. The Ister Theatre productions include theatrical plays, street performances, short films, and lecture performances.
The Ister Theatre has appeared at a number of national and international festivals and had guest performances in Bulgaria, Romania, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Germany and Egypt.  
The Ister is a co-founder and a member of the ANET (Association of Independent Theatres – Belgrade) and STANICA (Station – Service for Contemporary Dance).

It has received “Dimitrije Parlić” Best Choreography Award of the Ballet Dancers’ Association in 2008 for “Three Sisters or All around Chekhov”.