Ljiljana Tasić and Dušan Broćić, Serbia

Duration: 30 minutes

Authors and Performers: Ljiljana Tasić and Dušan Broćić
Music: Dušan Broćić


“Hot Lollipop” is a dance show exploring popular music as a phenomenon, mostly rock’n’roll and its more radical forms. It takes over the specific kinds of customs in behaviour, motion and expression, and puts them to the same grade with folklore, transposes them in simplified, recognisable images and treats them as choreographic material, keeping music as the expressive means.

“Hot Lollipop” is a sequel to the play “Promised Land” from 2007 authored by Ljiljana Tasić, where the popular music is offered as one of possible ways out. Now we are taken a step further on an escapist journey through some of its stereotypes.