The visions of Peter Handke, Samuel Beckett and Virginia Woolf
Miloš Sofrenović, Austria/Serbia

Duration: 62 minutes

Author and Performer: Miloš Sofrenović
Author of Sound: Miloš Sofrenović
Sound Associates: Jan Visocky and Cosimo Nando
Author of Video: Miloš Sofrenović
Video Associate: Chris Clow
Set and Costume Design: Miloš Sofrenović
Graphic Design: Slava Kranewitter
Photography: Max Moser

A Solo for Three Visions

The “Solo for Three Visions” project explores and expresses the concept of the ‘poetic body’ hidden in each one of us. Our inner world in a dialogue with our movements in the domain of the external world forms a whole which can be perceived in the form of motion, or, on a higher level, as a form of metaphysics. Through its internal dialogues the body never leaves the prison of the world of logics, but simultaneously, it does not lose its own sense – quite on the contrary. Words of two authors, which served as the inspiration for this piece, come as a good illustration:

“It is often less important to revolutionary change things; it is much more important to make us aware of them.”
Peter Handke, Kaspar and Other Plays

“In the ultimate depths of every human, in his core – there is no peace, but motion – an ontological dynamism. This motion is an utterly internal process. It is not conditioned by the external historical development. This motion is developed within eternity as such. The revelation of life’s irrationality does not diminish the mind; quite on the contrary, the revelation of the irrationality facilitates the mind’s sharpness.”
Nikolai Berdyaev, Tragedy and Everydayness


M. – A SOLO FOR THREE MINDS (Dialogues with Marcel Proust, 2010) – a project authored by Miloš Sofrenović which will premiere in November 2010 in Belgrade

A SOLO FOR THREE VISIONS (2009) – a solo project authored by Miloš Sofrenović which premiered in November 2009 in Belgrade/The KULT Scene – Cultural Institution “Vuk Karadžić”
TRIPTYCH (2009) – a video cooperation of Miloš Sofrenović with director Chris Clow (Great Britain) in January 2009 in the “Lab Factory” Studio in Vienna, Austria

THE ONE I AM (2008) – a solo project authored by Miloš Sofrenović which premiered at the Intention Festival/Hildegard von Bingen in April 2008 in Votivkirche in Vienna, Austria

WE: IMPLICATED & COMPLICATED (2007/2008) – a choreographic collaboration of Miloš Sofrenović in duet with choreographer Ana Sanchez Colberg (Puerto Rico) which premiered in February 2007 at the Central School of Speech and Drama, Great Britain

PLAY (2006) – a solo project authored by Miloš Sofrenović which premiered in 2006 at the Bitef Theatre in Belgrade

A PIECE OF MONOLOGUE (2005) – a solo project authored by Miloš Sofrenivić which premiered at the Balkan Platform in 2005 in Skopje