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ЕРГStatus Dance Theatre, Serbia
20.30 / SNT, Chamber Stage / Monday / 25th June 2012

Idea and choreography: Boris Čakširan
Dancers: Jelena Stojiljković, Jovana Rakić Kiselčić and Stojan Simić
Music: Aleksandra Đokić
Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović
Set and costumes: Boris Čakširan
Video: Andrijana Lubina and Boris Zemljačenko
Special guest, choreographer: Bojana Mišić
Technical equipment: Petar Klinić, Borislav Stamenkov
Production: UK Vuk Karadžić

Duration: 50 minutes


In the basic division of positions it is usually clear who holds the position of the dog and who holds the position of the owner. When there is change which separates a man from his human position and puts him into the dog position instead, does this change cause the appearance of a dog-like nature in such a man? Does this kind of change turn the human society into a society of dogs? Is the culture of violence then accepted as a new pattern by a society and as such bestowed on the new generations? In any case, the consequences are dramatic when the backlash of violence hits the ones who once fed it.
Marko Pejović, dramaturge

The play speaks of different kinds of violence which becomes the predominant form of human communication. The story consists of seven scenes, which sublimate the seven levels in the process of the development of violence. Through a contemporary iconography of archetypes, through fragmentary images, which gradually extinguish all forms of sensitivity, the play leads to its tragic end.

The ERGstatus Dance Theatre

The ERGstatus Dance Theatre was established in 1998, as an educational contemporary dance project. Since then, this project has grown into an important independent organisation which has through its work – through seminars, workshops and artistic engagement of the Dance Theatre – won an important position on the map of Serbia as well as the region. ERGstatus also operates as an inclusive troupe with both disabled and non-disabled dancers. So far ERGstatus has established collaboration with companies and artists from all over the world - the USA, Japan, Australia, Israel, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, The Netherlands and many others, as well as performed at many international festivals and meetings. The ERGstatus Dance Theatre has won an UBUS Medallion from the Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia and the second place at the Festival of Choreography Miniatures in 2000 in the National Theatre in Belgrade.

Productions: 2011 – Audio Installation in Four Images, 2011 – Cafe Intermezzo, 2008 – Walking through Forms...