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Adrienn Hód / Hodworks, Hungary
19.00 / SNT, “Pera Dobrinović” Stage / Tuesday / 26th June 2012

Choreography: Adrienn Hód
Dancers: Emese Cuhorka, Júlia Garai, Marco Torrice, Csaba Molnár 
Live music, voice: Zoltán Mizsei 
Dramaturgy: Ildikó Végh 
Scenography: Rózsa Sebő 
Costumes: Kati Imre / Artista Studio
Light design: Bas Berensen

Co-produced by Grand Theatre Groningen
Supported by Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, Tempus Public Foundation (EU Lifelong Learning Programme), New Performing Arts Foundation, Off Foundation, Workshop Foundation, Municipality of Budapest, L1 Dance Works, Gödör Club, Tanzfabrik-Berlin, Radialsystem-Berlin

Duration: 63 minutes


Basse danse is a dance card, a strict schedule of music and movements. Basse danse is a space in between – in between theatre and an abandoned place. Basse danse is that very fraction of time in which you allow yourself to shift from one reality to the other. In between freedom and constraint, superfluity and necessity, fiction and truth, in between peacefulness and restlessness, the emotional and the reserved. Basse danse portrays constant changes destined to always stay the same. A shifted harmony, lightning within almost no thunder, a place of opposition where noise goes arm in arm with the glory of renaissance music. Basse danse is a dance piece beyond conceptualism and the post modern. Basse danse is merely a dance card with a strict schedule of music and movements. 

In March 2012, Basse danse received a Rudolf Laban Prize as the most outstanding contemporary dance performance of the season in Hungary.


Adrienn Hód is a Hungarian-born choreographer, known for her radical approaches to bodies, spaces and experimental music. She constantly seeks new angles to investigate the infinite variety of ways bodies can move on stage and the immediate effect that evokes in audience. Hód tends to turn things around, as it were, and constantly re-interpret what she sees during the rehearsal period. Her creations endeavour to cave in to what is ‘really’ going on in her dancers and to connect that very thing with the audience, often filled with no stage design. As she puts it: “Minimalism to the core. To me, bodies and voices will fill any space. Pure nothingness pulls me in. The void carries the inspiration to which my soul responds.”

Hód graduated from Budapest Dance School in 1993. She founded her first company in 1995, and has continued to create performances in theatres and site-specific locations. She also teaches contemporary technique, improvisation and composition and has been a permanent teacher at Budapest Dance Academy since 2005. Hodworks was founded in 2007. She received a scholarship for the Research to the Unknown series organised by Workshop Foundation in 2007 and in 2008 and she participated in the Hungarian/American artistic programme Meeting Points. Hodworks regularly collaborates with artists from different field, seeking new forms and dramaturgical principles.