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Ass. KOBEZ - CMDC / Brothers Ivanics, France / Hungary
22.00 / CCNS, ‘Tribina mladih’ Club / Friday / 29th June 2012
performance art and Skype conversation

Project authors: Ferenc Ivanics, István Ivanics, KOBEZ – Centre mémoire du corps


We are Brothers in Walking. Ferenc Ivanics and István Ivanics. We are completely different people. With different dispositions, spheres of interest and ideas. Three days less than exactly half a year is between us. We come from different worlds. Nevertheless, we have been living next to each other for five years now. We have learned to accept one another. We look for negativity not only in the others. On the contrary, we primarily explore our own dark spots. It is quite a difficult task. Our progress is slow. Step by step. We have been walking for five years and we have already left 20 000 kilometres behind us. Wherever we go, we tell that no one is a saint and that everyone has more than enough garbage of his own, so it would be a decent thing to clean it first, before looking at someone else’s backyard. We live in a world where pointing fingers is an unavoidable fact of life. However, sincerely and deeply experienced self-criticism is a true rarity. We point the finger in all directions. Who is responsible for the hardships of life? Parents! Neighbours! Colleagues! 

Relatives! Authorities, i.e. politicians!... God... In fact these are just pointless accusations directed at our external environment. The process which would allow our transformation into true humans should start from our own selves. The road to peace and enlightenment will open only when one realises that, while he was busy pointing the finger at others, he pointed three fingers at himself without even noticing. Corruption is not up there or there somewhere. It is inside us. Daily deceptions, lies, frauds, flattery, hypocrisy, vanity, and other things that shadow our lives. We spread poison in our family, among our friends and acquaintances. We feed our demanding egos in the street, at work, at school. The deeper we sink into our own gutter, the louder and more violently we shall demand punishment for the guilty one, his apprehension and hanging. However, the guilty one always escapes us. And as soon as you think he is gone, there is someone else to blame, to take his place. That is why revolutions are futile. It is only a matter of time when the shadow will show up over us again and infect our beautiful and grand plans. It lives in us. We know it very well. The dark currents carry us to the fields of dirty and indecent acts. A little bit of eavesdropping, indiscretions, spying on others, peeking, dirty curiosity. Sensation and exposure! Because, let us admit, it is a good feeling when we catch someone sinning. What a relief! It is not only me who is disgusting. It is not only me who has the shameless, indecent and malicious thoughts. It is not only me who is envious and vain. Not only me who would steal. 

This world will one day turn into a place worthy of humans inhabiting it. One such generation will come, which will dare to look at the mirror of its own soul and sincerely admit its dark side. Only after that will they be able to start cleaning the ghost house, overgrown with poison ivy, to build a tower to the sky.