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POISSON PÊCHEUR (The Fish Fisherman)

The Lutin Théâtre d’Images Company, France
22.00 / Katolička porta / Sunday / 1st July 2012

Authors: Gaëlle Boucherit and Sarah Darnault
Actress: Boy / Captain / Marine / Fisherman: Sarah Darnault
Direction: Gaëlle Boucherit
Stage designer: Géraldine Bessac
Music composer: Victor Betti

Duration: 50 minutes

POISSON PÊCHEUR (The Fish Fisherman)

Sailors from all winds....
A boy embarks on a strange boat...
Sometimes captain, sailor, fishmonger...
Their boat is metamorphosed into the thread of his imagination...
Unusual journey in pictures
in a solo scene with a fresh fish.

Without a word, “Poisson Pêcheur” evokes the silent-cinema of Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin and the Jacques Tati feature films. First of all it’s a visual performance created from colors, rhythm, evocative sounds, silence and poetry.

Like a tribute to the men who live all their life on the sea, the character turns into a captain, a ship’s boy, a fisherman and a fishmonger between real and imaginary worlds. All of them have a special relationship with the sea and the fish.

“Poisson Pêcheur” has been presented at many festivals in France, Holland, Korea, Spain and Morocco. It received the Best Actress Award in FETEN’08, the European Festival of Theatre of Gijón (Spain) in February 2008.


The Lutin Théâtre d’Images Company was founded in 1982 by Gaëlle Boucherit, a plastic artist who looked for new theatre languages which mix painting and sculpture with visual performance. With its last creations the company asserts a special identity which combines theatre, object theatre and plastic art from a human perspective.

In 2002, with “Talon d’Argile” (The Clay Heel) the company began to experiment with “the silent theatre” playing with the poetic world of the sculptures which become alive after the museum is closed.

With “Poisson Pêcheur” (The Fish Fisherman) the company finds a personal rhythm of playing with silences and sounds, poetry and oneiric pictures, using the world of the sea as a protagonist and taking the audience into an incredible experience.

The company is currently finalising its last show “Line(s)ofthehorizon” on the themes of paper and writing. A proposal - multidisciplinary artistic, poetic and contemporary - brings the object theatre, dance, visual arts and video together. Born from an experimental work on the subject, on the imagination around the paper and writing, it is on the borderline between performance and theatre.

“… a great visually poetical project that explores the world of fishing and sea, crossing several possible readings: the real world and imaginary worlds.” ARTEZ February 2008

“Thank you for your excellent work, Miss Sarah-Tati, Chaplin, Keaton-Etaix. Well done!” Ferran Baile - Feten - Gijón - Spain

“There is a lot of poetry in the boat. The fragile sailor in the boat crosses the humble life of the theater and arrives to a port less protected: the heart. Thank you.” The voices of the audience