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Tito Sculpture Soap Culture
ЕdЕ Šinkovič, Serbia

10.00 / Katolička porta (The Yard of Catholic Church) / Monday / 25th June 2012

Authors and Performers: EdE Šinkovič

The project involves casting a bust of Tito in domestic soap, without any major creative interventions. The bust will be placed in Novi Sad, by the fountain in Katolička porta, where it will first be exposed to the intervention/action of the participants of the Infant festival.  

The audience and passersby can directly, by use of soap, modify the existing sculpture, at the same time performing the cultural-hygienic act of washing their hands. Besides the human factor, the sculpture will, naturally, be exposed to climate conditions as well, which will also have an influence on its modification (moisture, drying, cracking...).    

After countless formal changes, the sculpture will eventually vanish, leaving not a trace of the boring stiffness the majority of sculptures designed for public squares impose on us.  

Unfortunately, most of the monuments for public squares are politically motivated (sit there for a long time, motionless, and rule just like the immobile sculptures on squares!). This transforms sculptures into servants, messengers of the political establishment, while we are imposed with the aesthetical taste of the one who commissioned it. The soap sculpture, depending on the creators-mediators, opens endless possibilities for experiencing this artwork, without imposing on the audience/passersby any one kind of ideological concept. It offers an active participation in its creation, up to the point of annihilation, predestination. 

‘Let’s Start with Tito’
25th June 2012