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Vibes from the Desert
University of Advancing Technology, Arizona, United States of America

18.00 / CCNS, “Tribina mladih” Club / Monday / 25th June 2012

The theme of the desert embraces images, colors and sounds of the south west desert of Arizona, its physical and metaphorical environment. Through a series of digital stills, interactive artworks and audio visual installations the vibes of this magical environment will be evoked. This collective exhibition would include the work by the professor, Vesna Dragojlov, in charge of the event, and by the current and former students of the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona, loosely assembled around the proposed theme. Some exhibits deal with the fictitious environments that could serve as a backdrop for a movie, others include abstract work, process-based algorithmic art that in a broader, intangible way addresses the overarching proposed theme.

NIC AZEVEDO, Graduate student
Game Art and Animation

“I once read that to create art is to create a ‘fictional representation of a truth’. This short and yet extremely accurate statement has stuck with me ever since. The ability to design and create what doesn’t exist is very appealing to me. As such, I graduated at the top of my class from the University of Advancing Technology in 2011 with a bachelor degree in Game Design while at the same time, focusing heavily on art. Currently, I have been extending my abilities towards digital painting and find the medium to be extremely satisfying.”

Inspired by the Greek myth of Atlas, Atlas Cathedral is meant to portray the grandiose concepts that individuals consistently strive for and, more importantly, often achieve.
DMYTRO GORYAINOV, Graduate student
Digital Media

“Graduated this May with a major in Digital Media. The focus of my work is concept art and environmental design, including matte paintings to serve as backdrops for movies.”

“New House”
An architectural concept design for a house with lighting and weather variation
Game Art and Animation

“Game development breathes life into my work, and is my medium for conceptualizing and developing rich and innovative experiences. Inspired by nearly 20 years of gaming, my aspirations for working in the industry run deep. With a BA in Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University and the degrees of Game Art & Animation and Virtual Modeling I’m currently earning at the University of Advancing Technology, I aim to be a well rounded and undeniable asset in my chosen career.”

“LTW Site”
KYLE JENKINS, Graduate student
Virtual Modeling and 3D Design
Algorithmic Art
In 2010 he graduated from The University of Advancing Technology with a degree in Virtual Modeling and Design and is now studying software application development. Kyle has been creating algorithmic art since 2009 using Processing software as his main tool of expression and is now focusing on integrating 3D art and animation into interactive art pieces. He has exhibited at the Phoenix Experimental Arts Festival, Mesa Arts Center, SideLuck PotShow Phoenix, and the Arizona Science Center. www.kylejenkins.info

Algorithmic Art

Projections on the facades:
21.30 / Thursday / 28th June 2012
21.00 / Friday / 29th June 2012

“Bugs” / “Intervals”
VESNA DRAGOJLOV, Associate Professor
Digital Media
Human Computer Interaction
Algorithmic Art

Vesna Dragojlov graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad (English Language and Literature), and received her Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade (Linguistics). She continued her education at the University of Denver, USA, first doing a graduate program (Art History, 1996-1997) and then Master program (Digital Media, 2002). Her teaching career started at the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. In the USA, she was active within several universities before earning a title of Associate Professor at the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona in 2007, where she is active in three departments: Multimedia Department, Web and Social Media Department and Human Computer Interaction Department, teaching various courses in the field of multimedia/graphic design and art, both onsite and online. Since 2009, Vesna Dragojlov has been involved in the ‘Program Champion’ and a member of the University of Advancing Technology Advisory Board. In 2007, within a program of Austrian WUS, she was a guest lecturer at the University of Novi Sad, giving lectures in cyberfeminism to the students of Gender Studies.

Vesna Dragojlović took part in a number of international conferences and art festivals, in the field of art, science and technology. She has received several important awards, among which the Faculty Innovation Award for innovations in teaching and designing curriculum of the University of Advancing Technology, which she was awarded in 2010 and 2011, deserve a special mention.  

“Surveilling the Universe”
Algorithmic Art

Algorithmic Art, lecture
17.00 / CCNS, “Tribina mladih” Club / Thursday / 28th June 2012