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The White Room
Bojan Dakić, Serbia

18.00 / Art klinika / Sunday / 1st July 2012
performance art

Author and performer: Bojan Dakić
Productions: ‘stick and stick, rope and rope’, Studio DAG, Art Media, RTV

Performance duration: 30 minutes

The performance is a result of a reflection upon a conceptual object I call ‘The White Room’. When the White Room is entered, the door is automatically locked for 30 minutes. The user voluntarily waives his freedom in order to shed light on the very idea of freedom. The White Room initiates the process of thinking about a positive determination of the concept of freedom (free TO...). To allow this direction of thinking one must first get rid of the negative determination of the concept of freedom (free FROM...).

The performance interprets a possible way of dealing with the issue of negative determination of the concept of freedom. It questions traditional family relationships, the influence of parents on the development of an individual’s personality, as a way of healing family traumas which stand in the way of a person’s individuation. The performance is based on autobiographical facts.