DRIFT (or drive)
Kitt Johnson X-act, Denmark

Choreographer: Kitt Johnson
Lighting design: Mogens Kjempff
Musician/composer: Sture Ericson
Cast: Kitt Johnson

The performance is produced with support from the Danish Arts Council Committee for Performing Arts.

Duration: 50 minutes

DRIFT (or drive)

"‘We civilize in the morning" as the poet Kirsten Hammann wrote. Sure, but before noon the instincts have thwarted the shiny surface. Taken over from the inside, some would rightly call it. The driving forces of the instinct operate subtly satisfying its own needs. Either slowly and out of control they make changes in our inner life as continental plates in operation. Or fast as snipers who seek out and hold an object on the grain, only to kill it with a snap. Civilization under attack.'
Kitt Johnson

DRIFT or drive is a solo about the human being as a creature of instinctive drives caught between culture and biology. The performance premiered in Copenhagen in April 2011 with an exceptional reception among audience and critics. DRIFT has been nominated for two very prestigious awards already: Teaterpokalen in November 2011 and a Reumert for ‘Best Dance Performance of the Year’ in March 2012.


The company Kitt Johnson X-act operates with dance, sound, light and space. Using these ingredients Quinta Essentia is in search. The interior directed by a strict logic, the exterior allowing the individual spectators to be present with their own imagination.
Since 1999 the Theatre Council in Denmark has supported Kitt Johnson X-act regularly, which also means that the company has been able to set up a more permanent management structure.
The performances produced by Kitt Johnson X-act have been shown in various contexts in Europe as well as North America, Australia, the Middle and Far East, and performances tour on a yearly basis.
Previous productions of note include: MELLEMRUM Macao (2012); MELLEMRUM (2008, 2010, 2012); Aber Dabei (2007); Palimpsest (2006); Rankefod (2005); The Lemonkeepers (2004); Aortas Partitur (2003); The Mirror (2002); Stigma (1999).

‘It is not just well done, no, it is wildly impressive, to experience an artist like Kitt Johnson who masters to such an extent her form of expression and knows how to tell the story of an entire female life’s libido contained in one body.’
Majbrit Hjelmsbo, Weekendavisen, April 2011

‘With her deep authenticity and unique ability to create bodily transformations, Kitt Johnson once again gives us a strongly moving and universal tale of the body in her new solo performance DRIFT.’
Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, April 2011

‘The dancer and choreographer Kitt Johnson, with the sculptural face, has created another fantastic solo… The performance DRIFT or drive is an opportunity to step out of the hamster wheel of the city for one hour and lose yourself in emotions and sensations.’
Ghita Makowska Rasmussen, Politiken, April 2011