ONTROEREND GOED & Laika, Belgium

Director: Alexander Devriendt
Text: Koba Ryckewaert
Dramaturg: Joeri Smet
Set design and Costumes: Sophie De Somere
Lighting: Rob Van Ertvelde
Cast: Koba Ryckewaert, Zach Hatch

Duration: 60 minutes
The performance is suitable for ages starting from 16.


In 'Once And For All We’re Gone Tell You Who We Are, So Shut Up And Listenʼ (Ontroerend Goed/Kopergietery), she burned Barbie dolls and analysed what others were thinking. In 'Teenage Riotʼ (Ontroerend Goed/Kopergietery) she gave tips to become like a bag of bones and looked at adults as caged animals. Koba Ryckewaert is now eighteen and she knows all sorts of things are wrong in the world. She just needs to get a grip on them. She’s better at writing than at talking, so she draws on the floor, starting with herself. Girl. 18. Belgian. Skinny, but not anorexic. Single mum, so there’s not a lot of money. Is it connected to the financial crisis? What about global warming, loneliness, the power of multinationals? And what could she do to resolve it? Neither everything, nor nothing. In 'All That Is Wrongʼ, Koba faces things alone, with a little help from a friend. But she makes choices and sticks to them.

About 'All That Is Wrong'
‘Before I started this project, I figured that I had many desires for it. First of all, I wanted to work with Koba. She has performed in 'Once and For Allʼ and 'Teenage Riotʼ and I love her presence on stage. She has just turned 18, the age of entering into the ‘big world’ and feeling the pressure to make important decisions. Koba is also a good writer, but she’s suffering from a writer’s block. I envisaged a show in which she would deal with what’s stopping her and turn it into a piece of art.
For Ontroerend Goed, I wanted to find a way to create an intimate performance[...]. I was interested to explore different ways of presenting a single person’s life experience – his or her universe – without using the classical techniques of a theatrical monologue. In this sense, I thought of Koba as an artist rather than an actress. I wanted her to apply her own personal instrument of expression, which is writing and I wanted her to have complete ownership over her act. I think there’s an intimacy in the fact that she’s there, all alone, with only a crayon and a cloth, allowing the audience a closer look into her thoughts and feelings. It’s a highly vulnerable position, but she manages it with great stamina.’
Alexander Devriendt, Director

‘A living demonstration of how the act of writing, creating and describing can offer some sense of meaning; even in the most terrifying times.’
The Scotsman *****

‘Measured, controlled and helpless, Ontroerend Goed succeed in producing something that gets beneath your skin and eats away at your untapped despair towards the world.’
A Younger Theatre ****

Koba Ryckewaert (1994) got her first taste of theatre in the workshops of youth theatre Kopergietery. At age 13 she performed in Ontroerend Goed’s hit productions 'Once and For Allʼ, which led her to tour all over the world. In 2010, she performed in the follow-up 'Teenage Riotʼ. 'All That Is Wrongʼ is her third production with the company. Koba is a high school graduate and plans to study linguistics at the University of Ghent.

Zach Hatch (1990) first encountered Ontroerend Goed as an audience member in 'Once and For Allʼ. His enthusiasm for the company led him to apply for an internship as a director’s assistent in 'A History of Everythingʼ. 'All That Is Wrongʼ is his second collaboration with Ontroerend Goed. Zach is a theatre student at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Alexander Devriendt (1977) started performing as a young teenager in youth theatre Speeltheater. Not long after, he co-founded Ontroerend Goed as a poetry collective and turned it into a full-blown theatre group. He directed and wrote most of OG’s productions, including 'Porror Trilogyʼ, 'The Smile Off Your Faceʼ, 'Once and For Allʼ, 'Teenage Riotʼ, 'Hard To Getʼ, 'Under The Influenceʼ, 'Internalʼ, 'A Game Of Youʼ, 'A History of Everythingʼ and 'Audienceʼ. Alexander worked with the renowned Belgian company STAN and gave numerous workshops and readings all over the world.