Dah Theatre, Serbia

Direction and dramaturgy: Dijana Milošević
Text and performance: Jugoslav Hadžić, Ivana Milenović Popović
Set design: Neša Paripović
Lights: Milomir Dimitrijević
Assistant director: Mladen Lukešević

Jugoslav - Jugoslav Hadžić
Ivana – Ivana Milenović Popović

55 minutes


The form of the play ‘Dreams and Obstacles’ is an experiment, that is, a combination of autobiographical performance and a demonstration of work and it addresses the topic of ‘becoming’ an artist and follows the development of a dream and its on-stage materialisation. Refracted through the personal artists’ stories are the historical events of our country which affect and change the course of the young performers’ development. The point of this junction of the personal ‘small’ histories and the official ‘great’ history is where they ‘become’.
An important aim of this play is to raise awareness in the spectator of the fact that history affects our most intimate life and how important it is to take the responsibility.
This play by the Dah Theatre is also aimed at revealing part of the creative process in the theatrethus showing some other techniques of producing a play to the interested artists, as well as to inspire the audience’s interest in new theatrical forms.


The Dah Theatre was founded by directors Jadranka Anđelić and Dijana Milošević in 1991 out of a need for a deep explorative work. ‘The devastation and violence in the contemporary world can only be fought by creating meaning’ – has been the motto of the Dah Theatre to this day.
The Dah Theatre – Centre for Theatrical Research is focused on the constant exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas among artists and participants belonging to different theatrical and national traditions. The Centre creates conditions for professional advancement of theatre directors, actors and all other artists in all theatrical fields. The Centre is also focused on the education of the young in the contemporary theatrical expression, teaching them about other fields of art.
Activities: plays, demonstrations of work, workshops and lectures, special youth programmes, festivals and meetings, networking and cooperation, international school...
Productions: Dreams and Obstacles (2012); Tender, Tender, Tenderly (2011); The Nastasijević Code (2010); Two Grannnies, Four Cats and a Scooter (2009); Crossing the Line (2009); In Search of the City (2007); Guide Through an Alternative History of Belgrade (2006); The Story of Tea (2006); In/Visible City (2005); Alice and Kafka Are Dead/Long Live the Rosenbergs (2005); Cirque Macabre (2002); Dancing With Darkness (2002); Inner Mandala (2002); Documents of Times (1999); Maps Of Forbidden Remembrance (2001); Travellers (1999); Angels In The Cities (1998); The Helen Keller Case (1998); Angel’s Memories (1996); The Legend About The End Of The World (1995); Zenith (1994); This Babylonian Confusion (1992); The Gifts From Our Ancestors (1992).