(side programme)
The Serbian Republic Association for Persons with Autism(Serbian Society of Autism), Serbia

Choreography: Barbara Milovanov
Set design: Ida Ignjatović and Ana Nesimovski
Composer and text author for numbers ‘On the Road’ and ‘The Police Song’: Ksenija Mirković
Arrangement: Dušan Alagić
Animations: Jovan Peković
Poster design: Ana Jevtić
Executive production: Natalija Lazić
Screenplay and directed by Djordje Makarević

Mr Mitić – Nemanja Mitić
Lucky, the servant – Mihailo Riđevac
Belgrade lawyer, engine-driver and captain – Dušan Lazić
Belgrade Miss – Jelena Mišković
Police inspector – Igor Despotović
Anusha, the Indian – Anastasia Lizdek
Jeanne, the French – Jovana Lazić
Alexandra, the Spanish – Aleksandra Lizdek
Giovanni, the gondolier – Djordje Golubović
Dance troupe – Barbara Milovanov, Miloš Mitić, Milan Radovanović, Nikola Kostić

Coproduction: The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia

Duration 75 minutes


The inclusive musical ‘The Magic Journey’ is made after the adapted text of Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. Six autistic young people and one girl with impaired hearing play the leads roles, that is, make the core cast of play. Besides them, the musical also features professionals – ballet and folklore dancers as well as close family members of the autistic persons (as support).
The story is set in 1904 Serbia, more precisely Belgrade. It is about a great theft of money from a bank. Mr Mitić finds the servant Lucky and together with him, because of a 50-thousand-ducatbet with lawyer Jovanović, goes on a journey around the world in 80 days. However, a police inspector who believes Mr Mitićis the main suspect in a theft of money from a bank follows in their track. Going around the world, Mr Mitić and servant Lucky arrive in a number of destinations and encounter the traditions of different countries, which find their stage expression in songs, dances and costumes. On their way through India, Mr Mitić saves a young girl Anusha, who flees to escape a marriage to an older man, and she joins him and his servant on their journey. On top of their numerous travel adventures, they end up in prison, but the real bank robber is arrested and they are released. Believing they are late, they arrive in Serbia dispirited, but realise that they have actually arrived one day early, managing to go around the world in 79 days and receive the award of 50 thousand ducats!

‘It is often said that artists have their own world. They are strange and special; they are simply different. The same can be said of the people with autism. Their special world, games, needs, perception and worldview, just like the world sees them as different, are first manifested at around the same time as the first recognisable talent. And to recognise a talent and focus it in the right direction is also a gift... If we already have it, then we must try to show it and unconditionally share it with the others. The difference between the impossible and possible lies in our determination.’
Djordje Makarević, author/director