Compagnie dernière minute, France

Conception and choreography: Pierre Rigal
Dancers: Yamina Benallal, Julia Flot, Adrien Goulinet, Steve Kamseu, Sandrine Lescourant, Camille Regneault, Julien Saint-Maximin
Original music in live: Nihil Bordures
Lights: Frédéric Stoll
Assistant choreographer, costumes, make up: Mélanie Chartreux
Lights engineer: Gisèle Pape
Production director: Sophie Schneider
Production assistant: Nathalie Vautrin
Co-production: Suresnes Cités danse 2012, Festival de Marseille - F/D/Am/M
With the support of ADAMI, CENTQUATRE – Paris, the French Institute and the French Institute of Serbia

Running time: 70 minutes

“The piece Standards stages seven dancers of hip-hop who form all by themselves a population. This one seizes a collective symbol of to live together, the flag or more exactly the banner. In a literal and geometrical way, the dancers are going to study with their energy and their grace the proportions and the spaces of the emblem. They enlarge and twist the limits of these imaginary territories in which poetics absorbs politics. The dance hip-hop, structured itself by models and codes becomes the playful and dynamic tool of the study. It puts the subtlety, the complexity forward, even the impossibility of elaborating definitions. Is the flag a withdrawal? Literally as figuratively, Standards asks on stage this evolutionary and sometimes elusive question. And in this way, she(it) looks for the individual in the universal and the universal in the individual… Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.”
Pierre Rigal

The productions realized by the Compagnie dernière minute:
Érection (2003) solo performed by Pierre Rigal and created by Pierre Rigal & Aurélien Bory;
Arrêts de jeu (2006) piece for 4 performers by Pierre Rigal and Aurélien Bory;
Press (2008) solo created and performed by Pierre Rigal;
Asphalte (2009) piece for 5 hip-hop dancers by Pierre Rigal;
Micro (2010) choreographic concert for 5 performers by Pierre Rigal;
Standards (2012)piece for 8 hip-hop dancers by Pierre Rigal;
Theatre of operations (2012) piece for 9 korean dancers by Pierre Rigal;
Bataille (2013) duet with Hassan Razak & Pierre Cartonnet created by Pierre Rigal & Hassan; Razak.

Compagnie dernière minute is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Prefecture of the region Midi-Pyrénées, the Region Midi-Pyrénées and the City of Toulouse. Compagnie dernière minute is supported by Fondation BNP Paribas for its project development.