Maša Kolar, Croatia

Choreography: Maša Kolar
Dancers: Ksenija Krutova , Ana Rocha Nene & Maša Kolar
Costume design: Petra Dančević
Set design: Marta Crnobrnja
Light design: Nuno Salsinha
Music: Chemical Brothers, Trentmøller, Loscil
Sound: Tomica Kraljić
Photography: Dominik Fras & Tin Vučković
Design: Vladimir Končar (Revolucija)
Production: Maša Kolar
in collaboration with Hipp & ZPC

Translation: Lejla Bakić
with the support of
Ministry of Culture of the Republic Croatia
City Office for Education, Culture and Sports
in collaboration with Association of Croatian dance artists (UPUH).

Running time: 38 minutes

The Memory of Water written by British playwright Shelagh Stephenson was a big hit in theatres across Great Britain and the US.
Even though my first motive for dance installation that you have in front of you was Stephenson’s tragicomedy, what has really drawn my attention wasn’t its story but the fragments and scenes which have inspired me and awaken the feelings hard to resist...
Three sisters (any association to Chekhov is unnecessary) reunite and recall their childhood and youth developing an utterly new and unexpected sisterly relation, interactively – on stage, in the studio, outside of it - in an odd female way, completely unaware.
The feelings they have often don’t have similarities with what the reality really was.
Are the three of them caught in a web of fallacy, fiction and self-deception or do their memories get frames of some new truth which is an attempt to correct the mistakes and omissions from the real life?
The only reliable link in this dance installation is the role of The Memory of Water which is believed to remember even the smallest substance soaked in it.
P.S. The ticket you buy does not guarantee your comfort in the auditorium, but let us hope that you won’t regret the special effort to feel content with what you will later carry to your homes as your own personal ‘memories of water’.”
The author of the project M. K.

Maša Kolar (1973) was trained in Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance in Zagreb. In 1991 she graduated from Vlaamse Dansacademie in Belgium. After graduation she joined Ballet Dresden where shortly after she was promoted to a soloist. In 1998 she joined Thoss Tanz Kompanie in Kiel and two years later in Hannover. In 2006 she worked with Lyon Ballet and 2008 with Aterballetto in Reggio Emillia. She worked with, created and performed pieces by choreographers such as Stephan Thoss, John Neumeier, Mats Ek, Uwe Scholz, Mauro Bigonzetti, Ohad Naharin, Walter Matteini, Francesco Nappa, Marco Goecke, André Mesquita, Gina Patterson.

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