Maria Kong Company, Israel

Choreography: Talia Landa & Maria Kong team
Dancers: Anderson Braz, Artour Astman, Caroline Boussard, Luciane Castro Fontanella, Ori Ben-Shabat
Technology: Ori Ben-Shabat & Tal Ben-Ari
Lighting Design: Shachar Werechson
Music & Sound: Tal Ben-Ari
Technical Manager: Yossi Tal Taieb

Running time: 55 minutes

The performance explores the deepest desires, hidden thoughts and forbidden longings of a bride on her wedding night, in a single moment of reflection before she gives herself entirely to her man and commits to marriage.
True to life and love, Open Source depicts the heroine’s most passionate, animalistic, primal desires and her inner conflicts whether she should succumb to them or keep them locked up inside of her. The plot is altered by The Wish Maker, for whom life is a mere game.

Maria Kong Company was founded in Israel in 2008 by four dancers and creators, all former members of Bat-Sheva Dance Company.
Maria Kong is a group of creative artists from Israel, France, Russia, Brazil and Japan – who melt their talents to create state-of-the-art productions that touch the heart and open the mind.
Maria Kong comprised of dancers, musicians and specialist in the art of sound, light visual effects, video and new technology.
The company’s international allure has earned critical acclaim from works performed around the globe – from Asia to Europe, South America and the Middle East – drawing enthusiastic followers, all captured by the magic.

Productions by the Maria Kong Company:
Fling (2009); Miss Brazil (2010); Kong’s Night (2011); Open Source (2012); BackStage (2013).

“A powerful performance, full of passion just like a good Almodovar film”
Mali Ben-Simon

“One of the most erotic scenes that I recall on an Israeli dance stage”
Ora Brafman

This performance has been supported by the Embassy of Israel in Belgrade.