Deszõ Kostolányi Theatre, Serbia

Directed by András Urbán
Cast: Márta Béres, Imre Elek Mikes, Gábor Mészáros, Zoltán Pletl
Movement: Anikó Kiss
Music: Szilárd Mezei

Running time: 60 minutes

‘and again we will launch the small province,
By the copulative system all the way to adria
Again we will launch the monarchy
Again great Yugoslavia
Since a minority member is like a flamingo
A trembling purple creature
Only treated in a mass
Does he remember his reflections’
(Otto Tolnai: The Rose of Chisinau’)

The “Deszõ Kostolányi” Theatre was established twenty years ago. Its founders were the Town of Subotica and the National Council of the Hungarian National Minority, and it is funded by the Town of Subotica. The performances are played in the Hungarian language, and since 2007, there is a Serbian translation. Over the years, the theatre has been profiled as an experimental, alternative, the so-called artistic theatre of the town, recognisable by its distinctive work and aesthetics of director András Urbán. The troupe consists of five full-time actors/actresses. During the recent years the plays have been performed at various theatre festivals, not only regional and European, but in Asia (India, 2011) and South America (Brasil, 2012) as well. The theatre is a regular participant in the major festivals in Serbia and Hungary, as well as different theatre events in the region, for example Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Skopje. This theatre focuses on contemporary studio work, which is organically linked to the reality of both local and global life. The performances staged by this theatre are a proof that experimental plays can be part of mainstream theatre, and yet to assume a high ranking position in the region by artistic standards. Since 2009, the theatre has had its regional/international contemporary theatre festival Desire Central Station, which has earned it a prominent position in the cultural life of the region. Through András Urbán’s ensemble and within the theatre, the theatre is a permanent coproduction partner of the Association MASZK from Szeged.

Other productions on the repertoire include: Antigona/Ismena – tragedy of moral relativism, Roses, In Your Arms, Voyager, Man’s Comedy, The City of Demons – Pass-Port Subotica, Devil in Person – Pass-Port Szeged, Pass-Port Europe, Márta Béres One-Girl Show, Dogs and Drugs, Original Hamlet, Therapy, Urbi et Orbi, Turbo Paradiso.

“The incredible imaginativeness of imagery and expressions of this performance – from the directing solutions to stage expression and experience of the cast – with every new image, individually and together they – get deeper and deeper into a special and complex poetical world of constructing a world. From courageous ideas to the given directions of movements – to the experience and participation of one’s own experience. Rich and powerful work of an unusual imaginativeness and energy. BRAVO!”
Goran Cvetković, Radio Belgrade 2