The Small Drama Theatre – Bitola, Macedonia

Directed by Nick Upper
Dramaturgy, set design and selection of music: Niko Goršić
Video design: Pavle Mihajlovski
Costume design: Marija Pupučevska
Lights design: Tome Gjorgievski
Producers: Aleksandar Lozanovski and Bojan Stefanovski

Cast: Boris Čorevski, Zdravko Stojmirov, Sandra Gribovska and Aleksandar Stefanovski

Production: The Small Drama Theatre - Bitola
The ExPonto Festival - Ljubljana
The Festival of Small Theatre Forms – Vraca
Festival “Risto Šiškov” - Strumica
The Global Theatre – Slovenia
NU Cultural Centre – Bitola

Running time: 50 minutes

Correction, authored by Zoran Gaši from Novi Sad, is a play written for chamber stage. The play deals with topics, that is, consequences, related to the Yugoslav breakup – namely, everything a war can do to man. The leading character of the drama is going through a period of re-examination, which takes the form of a dialogue with Faustus, in an attempt to find a solution of his situation.
Director Nick Upper has staged the drama through symbols and associations, which communicate with the audience directly. The chamber form is an ideal solution because of the distance between the audience and performers. The director is successful in depicting the war and violence, which is presented on the stage through the interplay of the three actors.   

The Small Drama Theatre - Bitola was established in Bitola in 2008 by the former Minister of Culture Mr. Blagoje Stefanovski in cooperation with a group of very experienced and competent theatre workers with the aim to create high quality and innovative theatre productions and to stage powerful, socially relevant and theatrically appealing plays, to tackle questions of the contemporary life. In its search of new forms and new ideas, the Theatre with its productions expresses the spirit of the new time, thus generally contributing to the ability of the Macedonian theatre to catch pace with European tendencies.  
On the basis of the number of performances, awards and festival participations in Macedonia and abroad, the Small Drama Theatre - Bitola has been declared the most successful theatre in the country. 
By the end of 2013, the Small Drama Theatre has produced 18 theatre projects, which have been performed more than 600 times, being presented at all major festivals in the region: ExPonto, MESS, Slavija, Infant, Joakim Fest, Sarajevo Winter... The Theatre has won 56 awards such as Grand Prix, special awards, best actress and audience awards...

Premieres in the 2012/2013 season include:
Euripides: Rhesus, directed by Pavlos Danelatos (Greece);
Zoran Gaši: Correction, directed by Nick Upper (Slovenia);
Elin Rahnev: Beans, directed Ljupče Gjorgievski.