The project IN(FANT)FUSION is a result of cooperation between the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, envisioned as a series of events dedicated to the pending 42nd International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre 2015.
Reviving a traditional need to mark public space as a place of meeting between the Festival and the City, IN(FANT)FUSION aims to reaffirm the place of the Infant Festival on the cultural map of Novi Sad, primarily through attracting new audiences. 
The space installation of the architecture students which, in a particular way, establishes a dialogue with the existing environment of the Hotel Vojvodina Courtyard, located in the very centre of the city, emerged as an answer to the idea of a direct communication with the audiences through a series of discussions, projections and performances. By a clear delineation of the place of meeting and the development of an adequate ephemeral frame for it, a space was created where the fusion of the Infant Festival, its participants and audience is possible.  
Within the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, the project is a result of a group of students of the course Ephemeral Architecture who attended it in the academic year 2014/15, with the support of students from the generation 2013/14.  
The students of the course Ephemeral Architecture in 2014/15 are: Jelena Blagojević, Stefan Borovčanin, Ines Čović, Jelena Grbić, Velizar Kolarski, Nikola Kovačević, Jelena Mitrović, Aleksandra Pejaković, Stefan Rađenović, Kristina Savić, Aleksandra Soldat, Stefan Vujić and Igor Vukičević.

The teaching team of the course: Miljana Zeković and Višnja Žugić

“Reality Check”, DJ Suuba & Lakmus Red
“A So-Called Performance”, Kristian Al-Droubi