Fadunito, Spain

Creation and performer: Ferran Orobitg

Assistant director: Ivan Alcoba

Manipulation and technician: Ivan Аlcoba

Set design: Xevi Planes

Music and sound edition: Virgínia Borràs

Outside view: Pere Farran, Jaume Jové and Elinor Randle

Production: Fadunito

Photography: Georgina Puig

Graphic design: Núria Sas

Video: Marko Kumer-murc

Running time: 50`

Fadunito is a theatre company specialising in street art for various audiences. It was founded by Ferran Orobitg – Fadu and Ivan Alcoba – Nito in October 2003. Fadunito has always carefully selected the topics of its performances. Community work, Mediterranean diet, family, love for the world of circus and school culture, are just some of the motifs of the shows that are currently on their repertoire. They started their activities in Catalan regions, but in 2005 they started to translate and adapt their performances to be able to present them in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

“Limits” (Límites) i a multidisciplinary solo physical show that uses clown, circus, music and movement. Inspired by Jorge Bucay’s story “The Chained Elephant”, we see a man battling with fear, preconceived opinions social and cultural constraints, and celebrating our individual possibilities. A vindication of the capabilities and potential of people.