The Theatre Puls, Serbia

Written by Vedran Vučić and Milan Mađarev after the motifs from Heiner Müller’s Quartet

Director: Milan Mađarev

Cast: Jelena Cvijetić and Maja Sofronijević, Ivana Nedeljković

Composer and performer of music: Vedran Vučić

Choreography: Irina Mitrović

Costumes: Sonja Kotorčević

Running time: 60`

The Theatre Puls, the first suburban theatre Lazarevac, has predominantly been active in theatre art since its foundation in 2009. However, the Theatre’s aims and objectives include development of personal aptitudes, entertaining and attracting younger population, pedagogical influence and education of both children and adults. The Theatre is engaged, first and foremost, in non-profit activities related to dramatic art, as well as creative activities in social, humanitarian, cultural and other contexts, related to the development and improvement of the population in the territory of its operations, primarily in Lazarevac. Moreover, it focuses on the development and improvement of work and creative activities of dramatic artists in the entire municipality.

The Theatre Puls aims at covering the entire territory of Lazarevac with its activities, reaching even to the places without ideal conditions for realization of the programme, as well as at participating in all cultural activities of the local government. Our theatre has been developing equally the Evening and Children’s Stages and has taken part in a number of events, as well as national and international festivals.  

The play “Post Quartet” (Post kvartet) is set chronologically after the end of the drama “Quartet” by Heiner Müller, when the Woman (Merteuil) remains alone. In her desire to find out why she is so powerless, Woman uses her body to recreate the emotions, experiences and situations that led her to the (un)known place. She both serves and is in conflict with the Spirit of the Place that sometimes encourages her, and at times just oversees the entire stage play. Live music performed on the stage helps Woman prepare for the transition to the new Life. Audiences create their own theatre in their heads based on stage images.

Milan Mađarev