Аrtopia, Macedonia

Director: Biljana Radinoska

Cast: Natasha Petrovic, Simona Spirovska, Bojan Kirkovski, Nenad Mitevski

Video editor: Dragan Aleksov

Producer: Filip Nikolovski

Technical coordinator: Kiril Mechalov

Poster design: Magdalena Dilevska

Running time: 60`

Artopia is  theater troupe based in Skopje, Macedonia, the main goal of the organization is to produce cultural events, with performing arts as a special target of its work. Main program activity of the organization encourages young people from our country to create cultural activities, in the same time educating them and gives them opportunity to see and create something new. The members of “Artopia” are professionals in their work and they are active in the fields of art, theater and performing arts for a long time. Since the date of establishing 2016. until this moment, “Artopia” has produced 3 theater performances “Say Hi and Blow Me”, directed by Biljana Radinoska, “Experiment”, directed by Jane Spasikj and “Rancidness” directed by Vladimir Milich,

The performance “Say Hi and Blow Me” (Да го поздравиш и да ми го бациш) is based on personal testimonials of the actors about their youth, their dreams and hopes, and how everyone of them experiences the tense political surroundings we live in. The plot is concentrated of asking questions, to ourselves and into the cosmic void, about what is theatre today, how we should act, what is performance and the ultimate- what is art, and how we position ourselves towards these questions? There is a background idea that sublimates the performance- doubt is necessary in order to develop. Not knowing but searching is a form of value.  Honesty in arts means empowerment of the need art to exist and co-exist within the society.

“Say Hi and Blow Me” was played at over 10 festivals and it won a Grand prix for best performance at International Festival “Faces Without Masks” 2017. in Skopje, a Grand prix for best performance at International Festival “Risto Shishkov” 2017. in Strumica and Grand Prix for best performance, best director, best male and female part at international festival “Art Trema Fest” in Ruma, Serbia.