Goblin party, Republic of Korea

Silver Knife

Direction of Suggestion : Jinho Lim, Kyungmin Ji

Co-creation and dance : Sungeun Lim, Kyunggu Lee, Hyunmin Ahn, Yeonju Lee

Supported by: Seoul Section of the Int’l Dance Council CID-UNESCO, Arts Council Korea

Running time: 30`

Landing Error

Choreograph and Dance : Jinho Lim, Kyungmin Ji

Running time: 20`

Goblin Party bewitch people with unusual strength and skills, play mischievous tricks, and show perverse behavior – Korean traditional monster, goblin, is the symbol of Goblin Party, performing nationally and internationally since it’s foundation in 2007. Goblin Party is comprised of artists who can both choreograph and dance. Goblin Party places emphasis on communication and is interested in making a piece that would extend the audiences’ vision.

“Silver Knife” was inspired by ‘Eunjangdo (Silver Knife)’, a knife which is in order to maintain chastity, attack people and suicide. In the piece, there are women have contradictory characters. They are sometimes soft, relentless, or tough but sensitive, and sometimes shy but angry. Through this piece, Goblin Party portrayed human emotion that has to live through life with something hidden in mind beyond the identity of woman.

“Landing Error”.Hello. The earthians. Our bodies which are combined like a circle can look weird. Don’t be afraid. We came from an another place not from the earth. We are living things that were made a forced landing. We would like to observe and try to imitate you for a while. And then we’ll leave here. Why don’t you observe yourselves through our bodies? Take your time to see your world you live in through our weird bodies

Goblin Party shouts at its audience[…] and gives them something to tug at. What a brattish, powerful joy!

Róisín O’Brien