Perpetuum Dance, Serbia

Project author and choreographer: Svetlana Đurović

Text: Emil Sioran

Dancers: Ana Obradović, Nevena Ilić

Text spoken by Slađana Pajčić

Musical dramaturgy: Svetlana Đurović

Costumes: Ida Ignjatović, Ana Nesimovski

Photography: Olivera Inđić

Camera: Dejan Ostojić

Video: Radoslav Opalić

Design: Andrijana Tomić

Sound engineer: Dejan Sivac

Organisation and marketing: Ranko Lasica

Music, compilation of composers: Beethoven, Bach, Handel, F. Glass

Running time: 45`

Centre for the art of movement “Perpetuum” was founded in 1999 in Belgrade as an independent non-profit artistic organisation whose main goal is to support creativity and education of the young in the field of contemporary dance. From the very beginning, the Centre has promoted various types of practices that are now more or less present in today’s art of dance, providing its students with a wide range of choices, and thus creating a solid basis for further individual improvement and upgrading. The Centre incorporates sections for: modern dance, classical ballet, jazz dance, yoga and aikido. The Centre is engaged in a number of other activities based on broad cooperation and networking with the dance community both in our country and abroad.

“The Third Space” (Treći prostor) is a medical term that describes the reaction of the body in a state of shock. The phenomenon of the third space, where the body either survives or dies, is painted choreographically by an individual manifesting in different states and appearances through the process of struggle for survival in ultimately adverse conditions.

Act One

Getting into the state of shock and disease of the whole body, and all organic systems.

Act Two

Another feature of shock as a disease is the dynamics that govern the defending body.

Act Three

The third feature is “the place where the patient dies” in shock. This place is inside the cell. One factor, regardless of the cause, engages the whole body to restore the disturbed biological balance and return the organism to its original state.

In this analysis of life and its dynamics, the ensemble of the play “The Third Space” uses the language of movement, music, and poetic prose to show how unwell we are, and how much we support life.