What a Circus!

The Theatrical Association “Summer Cinema”, Serbia

Authors: Stevan Haves, Heni Varga, Denes Debrei

Cast: Aleksandra Arizanović, Ksenija Mitrović, Nikola Knežević, Staša Belčić, Isidora Vlček, Luna Salamon, Lara Bunić, Nina DesNuits, Rachel Ona, Sylvain Bricault, Bence Mezei, Imelda Veres, Gedő Zsolt, Stefan Ostojić

Musician: Mate Abraham

The Summer Cinema is non-governmental, non-profit organisation, formally founded as an association in 2001, with the aim of creating contemporary values associated with the theatre and the cinema (mainly movement and dance), and to distribute them focusing on man and the body, primarily in the sphere of his social being and development, in a way the region lacks, at the same time creating a comprehensive and diverse multi-cultural environment, a cultural space supportive of personal and social developmental processes, which is a fundamental need for open-mindedness and undoubtedly contributes to Europeanisation and/or a commitment to the development of a European spirit.

The motivational concept of the educational seminar is a clown’s journey through art. The topic we have chosen addresses, in a comprehensive way, the position of a clown since his first appearance on the stage to this day. The programme will look at Shakespeare’s clowns, as well as commedia dell’arte, because, as a form, it comprises acrobatic and circus mastery and an entire universe of dance movements and theatre art as such.

Stevan Haves, Denes Debrei