35th / 14th International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre
35 / 14. интернационални фестивал алтернативног и новог театра

Novi Sad, 25th June - 3rd July 2008

Simon Grabovac, editor

Special edition magazine for literature and theory POLJA

Jadranka Andelić: Towards different theatre
Slobodan Beštić: Towards different theatre
Boro Drašković: Towards different theatre
Simon Grabovac: Towards different theatre
Aleksandar Mladenović: Awakening of theatrical being
Zoran R. Popović: What happen with theatre, sir?
Veljko Radović: There is no spirit of judging in our theatre
Miško Šuvaković: The questions about theatre in crises or why theory!?
Ana Vujanović, Bojan Đorđev: Theoretical practice and artistic production - from confrontation until underproduction
Divna Vuksanović: Extended scenes of theatre

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, 2003
Simon Grabovac, editor

Papers from International Symposium held on 5th INFANT, International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre

Miško Šuvaković: Deconstruction of dramatic text. Around a zero degree of text in theatre and performance
Divna Vuksanović: Art in besieged cities "white flag" of theatrical language: a play of conventions and (self) destructions
Zoran R. Popović: Landscape after the battle
(or about theatres of subsequent consciousness)
Vladimir Kopicl: Fraudian renovations - post constructions: continuation before the beginning
Aleksandar Milosavljević: Zero point of our reality
Zorica Jevremović: Zero point: personal experience documents
Ksenija Radulović: On some difficulties in formulating the new in our theatre
Milan Mađarev: War time psychodramatic workshop
Nebojša Brocić: Zero point - the strategy of survival
Janko Ljumović: Alternative, agitprop or something third
Marina Milivojević-Mađarev: Zero point
Aleksandra Đuričić: Theatre of subsequent images - between the desired and the real

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, 2000
Simon Grabovac, editor

Papers from International Symposium held on 3rd INFANT, International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre

Simulation and attraction: frontiers of new theatre
Vladimir Kopicl: Post human scene: from the body to the machine
Aleksandra Đuričić: Assay about borders of the dancing theatre
Zoran R. Popović: Introduction in third life

Theatre and (its) prosthesis
Miško Šuvaković: Metaphysics and history of prosthesis in western theatre
Igor Marković: Significance of interaction man/machine

Audience in theatrical machine
Divna Vuksanović: Audience in theatrical machine: towards new subject-object relation
Goran Gocić: Journalism vs. assays
Critic vs. spectators
Simon Kardum: What is art?
Martina Ulmanova: Audience in theatre

Extended scene, (para) theatre, catharsis
Balint Sombati: Artistic performance: art of sparkle and nomadism
Aleksandar Milosavljević: Protest as theatre
Ksenija Radulović: Between reality and play
Andrej Tišma: Spiritual radiation of the performers

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, 1998

Simon Grabovac, editor

Papers from International Symposium held on 2nd INFANT, International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre

I/ The Performance of the 90-ies - stage and its outside

Miško Šuvaković: Postmodern performance
Dubravka Đurić: Performance poetry
Nela Antonović: The communication of non-verbal expression of the street performans
Entoni Hauel: Similitude or repetition
Vladimir Kopicl: Minimalism and technology
Aleksandar Davić: Performance and video art
Andrej Tišma: The artist by himself

II/ New theatre - theatre of seduction

Katarina Pejović: Love and state
Marko Košnik: The basics of interactive work (with regard to its potentials in theatre)
Jadranka Anđelić: The parallel world of the new theatre
Dijana Milošević: The new theatre
Rok Vevar: Body in ancient Greece or torsos of ancient artworks
Divna Vuksanović: Corporeal strategies of theatre - an aesthetic miniature on an alluring shopwindow
(teorijski pristup tzv. postmodernom teatru)
Ksenija Radulović: Seductiveness of an old muse
Zoran R. Popović: Language of theatre
Aleksandra Đuričić: The new music theatre

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, 1997
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