35th / 14th International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre
35 / 14. интернационални фестивал алтернативног и новог театра

Novi Sad, 25th June - 3rd July 2008

Thu, 26th June
A. S. Pushkin
Kostroma State Drama A. N. Ostrovsky Theater, Kostroma (Russia)
| 20:00, Youth Theatre, Evening Stage

Actress | Mary| Laura | Doña Anna – Nadejda Zalessova, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
Faustus | Walsingham | Don Juan – Dmitri Ryabov
Mefisto | Leporello | Don Charles – Aleksandr Kirpichev
Jenny – Maria Kirilkina
Louise – Anastassia Vassilieva
Young Man | Monk – Evgeniy Kulagin
Masques | Monks | Guests of the Feast – Natalia Inshakova, Alice Ochagovia, Vlad Bagrov
Actor | Priest – Victor Pozdniakov

Director/Design: Elena Safonova
Costumes: Elena Safonova
Gestuality: Evgeniy Kulagin, Ivan Estigneev
Incidental music/Vocalization: Elena Lebedeva
Light: Oksana Bychkova, Sergey Kuzmich
Sound/Video: Olga Golubeva   

Music used in the performance is composed by Marylin Manson and Goran Bregovic.

The duration of the play is 90 minutes.

Three Small Tragedies by Aleksandr Pushkin, written in 1827: “Feast at the Time of Black Death”, “Scene from Faustus” and “The Stone Guest” are used for this performance. “The Stone Guest” was created first as experimental for the small stage (workshop) of the theater in 2006. It was an attempt to make with actors interpreting on the oldest theatrical Russian stage a performance totally unusual for them and for spectators, a performance constructed on gestuality and vocal. Since February 2007, the second edition has been presented on the big stage. This time the third edition is offered to you with a new title “Feast at the Time of Black Death”. The new subject line is in a new wording presented, but the dramaturgic material has remained former. That is the actress who becomes the protagonist. Performance has received finished gesture, vocal and visual look. But the main conflict between the man and the woman and the main question that is the love, incorporated by Russian classical writer A. Pushkin has remained constant.

Kostroma State Drama Ostrovsky Theater is one of the oldest theaters in Russia. It was founded in 1808. The building of the theater, erected in 1863, is estimated as one of the best theater’s buildings in Russia. The history of the theater is in a tight connection with the world famous Russian playwright Aleksandr (Nikolayevich) Ostrovsky, who often attended the rehearsals and the performances in the theater. Since 1973 there is a Festival named “Ostrovsky’s Days in Kostroma” every five years. The company participated many times in All-Russian and International Theater Festivals (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Trabzon, Istanbul – Turkey, Cluj-Napoca – Romania).
The repertory of the theater is basically founded on the classical works of the Russian and foreign playwrights – Shakespeare, Chekhov, Goldoni, Ostrovsky, Sheridan, Turgeniev and on the best plays of the contemporary playwrights. The repertory combines harmoniously the performances of different genres, stylistics and orientations – classical Russian school of performing and experiment, tradition and innovation, music and sense of rhythm to satisfy tastes of different spectators in Russia and abroad.


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