35th / 14th International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre
35 / 14. интернационални фестивал алтернативног и новог театра

Novi Sad, 25th June - 3rd July 2008

Sun, 29th June
Kotor Cultural Centre (Montenegro)
| 20:00, SNT, Grand Stage

Director: Slobodan Milatović

Dramaturgical treatment: Ljubomir Đurković
Music: Ivan Marović
Stage: Zoran Živković, Slobodan Milatović
Language editor: Ljiljana Mrkić-Popović, Ph. D.
Design: Radmila Beca Radulović

Medea - Tihana T. Ćulafić
Jason - Marinko Madžgalj
Nurse - Katarina Krek
Choir leader – Musical group „Pleme“
Choir – Female harmony singing-group „Alkima“ from Kotor
Children - Petra Radulović and Ivan Franović

Co-producer: „Teuta“ Festival – New Ancient Theatre

The duration of the play is 67 minutes.

Did the great ancient myth about the Golden Fleece and the Argonauts have to have such a cruel crime as its consequence?
Did Medea have to kill her children as an act of revenge against her husband, Jason?
Who is to blame for all that?
Medea, hurt and overwhelmed by vanity, or the insanely ambitious Jason?
Why do the two of them want to go on living?
Are they just monsters, or do we feel compassion for them in their pain?
Why did no one prevent this crime?
Why are we dealing with this crime today?
Why are many people inspired by Medea?
Is Medea a woman?

- - - -

Why are we producing this play in particular?
What do we want to say with it?
Is it possible to create an authentic tragedy today?
Will we be showing anything new?
Are we creating a classical or a conceptual play?
Why are there so many people in the play?
Why is this happening now, and in Kotor?

- - - -

Who are we and what kind of answers do we need?

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