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EN-KNAP Productions, EnKnapGroup, Slovenija

| Tuesday, 28th June 2011 | 19.00 / CCNS, Main Hall |

Concept: Iztok Kovač
Choreographies: László Hudi, Edward Clug, Olga Pona, Ivica Buljan, Iztok Kovač
Performers: EnKnapGroup (Gyula Cserpes, Luke Dunne, Evin Hadžialjević, Ana Štefanec, Tamás Tuza)
Light Design: Jaka Šimenc, Zoran Grabarac
Costumes: Alan Hranitelj, Valter Kobal
Pieces are connected by music from Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, and by projections from Studio nejaaka and Luka Umek
Co-production: Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Novo Mesto (Slovenia) / National Opera and Ballet, Maribor (Slovenia) / Zagreb Dance Company (Croatia) / Workshop Foundation, Budapest (Hungary) / Mini Theatre, Ljubljana (Slovenia) / Bitef Theatre, Belgrade (Serbia)
Duration: 50 minutes

10 Min Project
10 Min is a stage project initiated by EN-KNAP Productions that brings the dancers of EnKnapGroup together with eleven authors from the international contemporary performing art scene. The title captures the task which Iztok Kovač set before each author: to stage their personal view on the nature of time in a performance no longer and no shorter than ten minutes.
10 Min was produced in two installments. The first part, entitled 10 Min East and featuring six pieces, premiered in November 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In November 2010, five individual pieces within the second installment followed, titled 10 Min South.
Programme selectors and curators can select any 5 of the individual 11 choreographies and combine them into a full evening performance by their own preferred order.

The chosen choreographies:
10 Min with Pina BauschA ten minute tribute to Pina Bausch with an emphasis on the transitoriness of time.
László Hudi (Hungary) – Director, choreographer, long-time collaborator of Joseph Nagy and founder of the group Mozgohaz, László Hudi is also the artistic director of Florian Workshop and Arcus Temporum Art Festival.
9:24A ten minute reflection of a brief, yet intense intimate relationship between a man and a woman in an intimate setting.
Edward Clug (Romania/Slovenia) – Independent creator in the field of contemporary ballet who recieved numerous Slovenian and international awards, Edward Clug is the artistic director of the Maribor Ballet Ensemble.
Dots and Dashes – ‘I carry you through time and while carrying or being carried I create a universe of my own’. Olga Pona
Olga Pona (Russia) – The pioneer and most prominent author of contemporary dance in Russia, transcended Russian communist aesthetic and artistic limitations, and has gained international recognition with the work of Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater.
Beautiful is the Sea below OlibA reconstruction of a summer evening on a rural island of Olib on the Adriatic coast, here history and tradition met with the present.
Ivica Buljan (Croatia/Slovenia) – Previously director of the Drama within the Croatian National Theatre in Split, Ivica Buljan’s theatre productions have made an appearance at numerous international festivals and won important awards.
Way Home – ‘The easiest way for me to imagine time is to attempt to put apart certain compelling moments those emerge in life, and compile them into a new whole’. Iztok Kovač
Iztok Kovač (Slovenia)
Recipient of prestigious international and national awards for his extensive oeuvre, Iztok Kovač is the founder of EN-KNAP Productions, the artistic director of EnKnapGroup, and the artistic and managing director of the Španski Borci Cultural Centre in Ljubljana.
The permanent dance company EnKnapGroup founded in 2007 by Iztok Kovač and EN-KNAP Productions is the only professional ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia. A composition of remarkable dancers under the artistic direction of Kovač work with internationally acclaimed choreographers and directors of explicitly diverse aesthetic proveniences, thus developing into an A-class international ensemble. Since 2009, EnKnapGroup is based at the Španski Borci Cultural Centre in the Ljubljana-Moste neighbourhood.
(Rok Vevar, theatre and dance publicist)
Previous productions with EnKnapGroup: 10 Min South (2010), 10 Min East (2009), Beware, Dance! (2010), Raw (2009), Cut Out (2009), Romeo and Public (2008), My Kingdom for a Horse (2008), Order (2008), Decision (2008), In Between (2007), Celebration (2007).;

‘What do ten minutes mean in life? A great amount or nothing, they can be a fateful event or nirvana, creative peak or rutine work, a love story or emotional emptiness ... The performance (...) enabled a much needed insight into international production of performing arts.’                                                                                                                               Delo – Pogledi, 1 December 2010