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The Jury of the 38th INFANT, whose chairman is Andras Visky, and members are Boris Caksiran and Carolina Pecheny, has reached an unanimous decision to award for the particular expressivity on the border areas between theatrical and other arts, or creative fields in the widest sense, the installation/performance Shine-Thrower, created by Naoko Tanaka, Germany/Japan, because Naoko Tanaka combines, in an original way, arts of installation, shadow play and the live performance. She opens a wide range of possibilities for further exploration both in the field of adult and children theatre. Her intimate and personal story, in other word, an intimate microcosm is transformed into a universal one, inviting us to be a part of this action, not only in the visual way but with a deep theatrical meaning.

The award for the most original exploration of one segment of theatrical language goes to Allege, produced by Public in Private Company, Germany/France, created and performed by Clement Layes. The performance skillfully deconstructs the distant and elitist language of the social sciences, proposing the possibility of a human, humorous and warm understanding of the complexity of political discourse and the media manipulation. The performance encourages us, in an original way, to use the irony in understanding the sophisticated aspects of human condition.

The award for the most successful experiment, a performance as a whole, is given to Turbo Paradiso, produced by the Dezso Kosztolanyi Theatre from Serbia, directed by Andras Urban. A generous and courageous fresco about the contemporary theatre and the theatre of all times, a subversive and responsible act of an excellent troupe and director. Using very contemporary and experimental forms, the director does not impose his personality on the performance, but rather opens space for a playful and nevertheless painful understanding of our human existence in a very concrete and wide way.