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Personal interactive self-awareness theatre
The Living Picture Company, Hungary

| Wednesday, 29th June 2011 | 14.00 / At the Faculty of Agriculture |

Card and Labyrinth Layout, Costumes: Zsófia Bérczi
Structural Design: Tóbiás Terebessy
Building Partner: Medence Csoport
Artistic & Project leader: Zsofia Berczi, The Magician- Júlia Bársony, The Priestess – Krisztina Birtalan,
The Empress - Judit Komáromi, The Prophet - Guido Fedor Szarka, Crossroads - Zsófia Árik,
Justice - Boga Fenyvesi, The Hermit - Gergő Mindák, The Hanged Man - Péter Farkas,
Death - Barnabás Tankó, Temperance - Zsuzska Csermák, The Tower - Árpád Labant, The Star - Zsófia Bérczi,
The Moon - Gábor Harsay, The Fool - Zoltán Zemlényi-Kovács, The Earth - Ágnes Sarlós and Kende Sarlós
Duration: 240 minutes (4h)

Octopus Tarot Labyrinth
Most labyrinths, the Octopus Tarot Labyrinth included, are sites for experiencing the initiation into self-recognition, an octagonal labyrinth without a dead-end, yet from which it is not easy to find a way out. On the labyrinth path, there are spaces and rooms to be found. The residents of the labyrinth are located here, the guides of the self-awareness game, the living Major Arcana of the Tarot.
Visitors enter individually, choose one of the twenty-four cards spread face down before them, in preparation for this role playing game. We call the card a ‘mirror gate’. It is a mirror that reflects a spiritual condition, and a gate through which everyone can step into their personal labyrinth, thus into themselves. Reflection is a moment of initiation for the visitor. The visitor must think a lot about the meaning of the mirror during the pilgrimage to self-awareness in the labyrinth, and try to relate that to him or herself. The incarnated figures from the cards will help the visitor resolve this with various messages and tasks.
Living Picture
Living Picture’s creation locates in the cutaway of fine art and theatre. In their works picture, image and imagination create organic complex with installation and performing art. They are guided by their wish to express formally and theoretically novel visions in fine arts and theatre, moreover to reveal, project and transmit transcendent areas of imagination.
The founder and leader of the Living Picture Company is Zsófia Bérczi, a visual communication designer. The determining part in the works of the Company have Tobias Terebessy, designer, and Julia Barsony, a theatrical creator. Living Picture’s works are project-based. They look for partners for each individual project.

‘What seems to be constant in the Living Picture’s works is the unusually conceptual, strong, sensuous, living visual world that not only delights the spectators but downright lets them into it.’
Ágnes Veronika Tóth