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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
THREE SISTERS (all but me)
The Bitef Theatre, Serbia

| Wednesday, 29th June 2011 | 19.00 / ’Laza Kostić’ High School |

Directed by Ivana Vujić
Adaptation and Dramaturgy: Slavenka Milovanović
Set Design: Kosta Bunuševac
Costumes Design: Dušica Knežević
Video: Svetlana Volic
Music Selection: Ivana Vujić
Organisation: Dragana Jovović
Chief Stage Engineer: Ljubomir Radivojević
Lights Engineer: Dragan Đurković
Sound Engineer: Miroljub Vladić
Sound Engineer Assistant: Stefan Milošević
Cast: Olga – Ružica Sokić, Masha – Branka Petrič, Irina – Rada Đuričin, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov – Mirko Babić, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov – Konstantin Bunuševac, Natasha – Dunja Mahorčić,
Viola Andrey – Gorjana Stoiljković
Duration: 75 minutes

Three Sisters
This is a play of a pronounced directorship courage and expressed sensitivity to the literature of Chekhov, which implies the author’s private letters as well, reducing the male characters from the play and focusing on the three sisters, their attitude to the life behind them, attitude towards us, our attitude towards them and the attitude of the author, Chekhov, towards the characters he creates and towards the life he lives. The background of the thus intertwined narrative lines, reduced by a subtle directing procedure, accentuates the simplicity, warmth and sincere acting of the three actresses of great experience: Ružica Sokić, Branka Petrič and Rada Ćurčin, as well as excellent Mirko Babić, who plays the role of the author.
The play’s inherent ‘female drama’ of the three sisters facing the life which has passed them by, a mere fleeting illusion, lived surrounded by boards with evoked and erased landscapes drawn in chalk by Konstantin Bunuševac, told in a both cruel and gentle way, creates a cathartic pulse between the audience and performers, communicating with the most intimate individual contents, biographical records.
The Bitef Theatre
Staying true to the leading concept of the Bitef Theatre to encourage and promote new styles and tendencies in theatre, the Bitef Theatre has made a U-turn and profiled its repertoire in two directions: on the one hand pure theatrical expression, embodied in the work of the Bitef Dance Company, and on the other hand, plays which are not necessarily defined in a precise way in regard to genre, but are focusing on the bordering areas between the dramatic, physical, musical and visual theatre. Thus, the Bitef Theatre has opened a space for artistic activity for those artists who seek to go beyond usual theatrical conventions, and create new theatrical expressions and styles.
The foundation of the Bitef Dance Company is a project inspired by a great creative and aesthetical potential inherent in the contemporary dance theatre, as well as a need for Belgrade to finally, for the first time in its theatrical history, have a dance company tied to an institution of culture.
The Company’s work includes classical and contemporary dance training, as well as cooperation with leading domestic and foreign choreographers and directors.
The Bitef Theatre repertoire includes: Fakebook, directed by Jelena Bogavac; Three Sisters, directed by Ivana Vujić, choreographed by Guy Weizman; Carmen in Four Rounds, directed by Isidora Stanišić; The Last Man on Earth, directed by Nikola Zavišić; Myrrh and Cinnamon, choreographed by Guy Weizman; Othello, choreographed by Maša Kolar and Zoran Marković; We Are Many, choreographed by Dalija Aćin; Loved One, choreographed by Kjersti Müller.