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Théâtre2l’Acte, France

| Wednesday, 29th June 2011 | 22.00 / The Museum of Vojvodina, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Danube Park |

Set and Design: Michel Mathieu
Visual Design and Realisation: Line Tiné, Philippe Artois
Music: Michel Doneda, Guillaume Blaise
Lights: Jean-Marc Richon
Directed by Alberto Burnichon
Production: Jean-Paul Mestre
Performers: Julien Charrier, Gary Jean, Rajae Idrissy, Carol Larruy, Michel Mathieu,
Julie Pichavant, Quentin Siesling
Duration: 125 minutes

Memorial Park
The play speaks of a journey – literal and figurative – to a landscape of endangered species, which is unfortunately a scene that appears more and more frequently. It is a visit to a park, which has appeared on an unintentionally formed terrain, becoming part of the existing relief, where a spectator is faced with the pre-posthuman, yet close, familiar creatures, which moved to his memory and have been haunting his future for a long time now... for the simple reason of predicting his own end.
So, human beings are the first species we observe, while we focus on listening in our research. Poetical, political, nostalgic texts or curses go hand in hand with the results of scientific studies. On the wings of music, we see theatre, installations, performance art, poetic and dance actions, masked scenes... The journey thus intertwines, while reinventing, all the different ways to establish a contact between an actor and his audience.
The play is set both inside and outside. The journey taken under the dual guidance of the main guide and his restless assistant is as changeable in time as in space, being able to be staged against the backdrop of a theatre, or a museum, or it can be set in a park or an industrial wasteland... During the last performance in the village of Saint-Laurent Haute-Garonne it allowed its inhabitants to re-discover places they have ceased seeing, out of habit. Paradoxically, it is the re-examination – of what we are in danger of losing – that opens, unconsciously, the door to that which we re-discover.
Born into the turmoil of 1968, the Théâtre2l’Acte was, committed to breaking up with the consensus of the theatre of the times from the very beginning. Finding the inspiration in the methods of Grotowski and Barba, listening to political positions of the Living Theatre, it gradually developed its own theatrical approach and expression. Deeply submerged into eddies of the society we live in, the Théâtre2l’Acte, intended to observe and be a kind of a catalyst, a harbinger of the approaching crisis and a factor in the accelerated production of catharsis. This led to a re-examination of the voice of each actor/spectator in a unique staging. Presenting an interaction of all stage parameters, the Théâtre2l’Acte is a polyphone form, which provides a sight for sore eyes and is an expression of the spectators’ imagination. The company has produced about fifty shows, outdoors and indoors, on classical stages frontally, in fragmented form, or in the form of a walk.
The aesthetics of the Théâtre2l’Acte at time resembles sculptural installations or performances. The theatre regularly cooperates with the musicians eminent in the field of improvisational music. The repertoire is quite eclectic: from Euripides and Genet through Mishima, Heiner Müller and Edward Bond, finding its consistency in the tragic depths and powers of these authors. From time to time the theatre makes its own creations, based on the improvisations or stage proposals of the protagonists.
Moreover, in the Theatre’s own hall ‘Ring’ in Toulouse, they run courses for young actors and other theatre artists. Its educational activity is mainly focused on the contemporary trends in theatre.