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The 3rd Voice Company, Hungary

| Friday, 1st July 2011 | 21.30 / ’Kombinat’ (The Plant), Djordja Rajkovića 5a |

Space and Dramaturgy Concept: Júlia Bársony, Zsófia Bérczi
Performers (persons who play with the Living Picture Compagny): Zsófia Bérczi, Júlia Bársony, Emese Deák,
Gábor Harsay, Gergely Mindák, Guido Szarka Fedor, Kata Kántor/Krisztina Birtalan, Barnabás Tankó
Other performers:Kata Iván, Julianna Laczko, Dániel Halasi
Technician:Áron Tesfay
Director:Júlia Bársony
Production Manager:Andrea Kovács
Duration: 90 minutes

The Infinity live exhibition is a coproduction of Júlia Bársony, the Living Picture Company and the visual communications students of MOME – the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Hungary. It was the second time MOME asked Júlia Bársony to do a course dealing with the relationship between live performance and visual communication. This performance without a beginning or an end was born as a result of the course work. Infinity took place in a 1000m² theatre room, in a church and also in rooms and a court of a ruin house.
The 3rd Voice Company
We have founded the 3rd Voice Company in 2009, but our first works can be dated back to the end of 2004, when the Living Picture Company’s head Zsófia Bérczi and Júlia Bársony started to work together. Both artists wanted to develop a special visual language in the theatre. Júlia Bársonywas a founder of the Moving House Company. This famous Hungarian alternative theatre group had usually one premier per year in the period between 1994 and 2002 and performed approximately 50 times a year, mostly abroad. Júlia took part in several performances and she was one of the first Hungarians who performed at the Avignon Theatre Festival’s main programme in 2000 and 2001. After the break up of Mozgóház she came up with personal actions and she started to combine fine art and theatrical attendance in her performances. She has developed a characteristic visual language and her artistic line gained strength in the LPC. By and by she felt it necessary to continue her artistic carrier and management on her own independent way, so at the end of 2009, Júlia Bársony started to work under a new name – the 3rd Voice Company. The company came into being with the help of LPC and it’s supported too by the association. The name comes from a play called Psychotechnics; The Third Voice is a virtual character in Gábor Bódy’s screenplay Gulliver’s Travels in Digitalia.