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The Clear Streams Family Theatrical Group, Serbia

| Sunday, 26th June 2011 | 22.00 / The Youth Theatre, Small Stage |

Directed by Božidar Mandić
Performers: Dragana Jovanović, Uroš Vukša, Kristina Vasić, Radomir Teodosijević, Predrag Mitrović,
Milena Jakšić, Božidar Mandić
Duration: 60 minutes

Analogies falls under the category of physical theatre where actors shape their stage paradigms by their energy and rhythm. In simple terms: the play belongs to a theatre which presents the aesthetics of ‘savigism’, which means: run, cry, movement, bodily and textual unrestrainedness. 

Analogies speaks of the human loneliness and shiftlessness, but also of how each man has a chance to find his sameness or communicational trajectory which would revive the sense of his existence and art. The play, like all the other plays of the Clear Streams Family, presents allegories and symbols of the contemporary world, out of which one needs to find a way out and to continue a meaningful existence.
The Clear Streams Family
The Clear Streams Family is an ecological commune which has been living in the small village of Brezovica at the foot of Mount Rudnik for 25 years.
This commune is a pioneering moment of the return to the nature; its actions are alternative, and its home is open and devoted to survival. It is a small place of living where elements of humane kindness and heart are honed. Emotionality and embracedness are developed in the Clear Streams Family. Its three fundamental elements are ECOLOGY – HUMANISM – CULTURE.
Living a life in pristine nature, in a home surrounded by three streams, the Family has hosted over 20 000 people. The Family’s main principles are: an Individual and the Planet.

Božidar Mandić, a writer and the founder of this commune, has published thirteen plays, had ten independent exhibitios and made ten alternative theatrical performances. Because of its lifestyle the Family has had a great impact on the young generation, and the media has brought features about them trying to deliver the idea of possibilities of living in such a way to a broader audince. 
The Clear Streams Family defies civilisation nonsense by searching for the ‘Age of 5 Es’: Ecology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Eros, Emotion. It is a small suggestion on how a man can find a way out of the labyrinth he’s found himself in.

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