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PROMOTION OF MAGAZINE TFT. Theatre, Film, Television

| Monday, 27th June 2011 | 12.30 / CCNS |

TFT is intended to deal with the phenomenology and aesthetics of theatre, film and television. The magazine will focus on the activities of one of the crafts within the three media. The skills of writers, directors, actors, set designers, producers, composers, costumes designers, choreographers... are the foundation of the life of all three creative fields. TFT will present different points of view of these professionals and analysts of their results in the form of texts and visual messages with the intention to encourage:

- Re-examination of the existing production models;
- Defining the interactive relationship with the audiences;
- Creative and independent perception;
- Relativisation of generalisations and stereotypes;
- Transparency of budget subsidies and monetary flows in regard to these media;
- Incentives and support for self-organising and out-institutional activity of associated artists.

Slobodan Šuljagić,
Responsible Editor in Chief