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A Multi-Media Ready-Made Project
Vlado Rančić, Nenad Ignjatov, Remus Daesku, Serbia/Romania

| Monday, 27th June 2011 | 18.00 / CCNS, Art Gallery |

Military Trash
The project Military Trash started at the Military dump site in Temerin by the performance of the professor of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Vlado Rančić, his student Nenad Ignjatov and Romanian guest student from Timisoara Remus Daesku.
The military dump site, inspiring, as it was, by its ‘audio’ and ‘visual’ qualities, implied the action which would give a new meaning and a new dimension to the waste materials. The very approach to waste followed the principles of ready-made. The action was carried out on an afternoon, between noon and 7 pm. The idea behind the project was to involve students from all three departments of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. The project was thus contributed to by Miloš Rančić, the author of the photographs and film, a student of the Department of Dramatic Arts, study programme Camera, and Jovan Tatić, a final year student of the Department of Music, study programme Composition, whose composition premiered at the dump site in Temerin during the performance.   
Within the exhibition there will be a presentation of the audio and video recordings of the performance, photo-documentation, as well as some of the object which were created on that occasion. This project is to be extended to an international level and become an annual event. Students from abroad are expected to join in next year, and the project is supposed to be performed in other countries as well.