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A discussion led by Carolina Pecheny, France

| Thursday, 30th June 2011 | 17.00 / CCNS, first floor hall |

How we can find a connecting point between different kinds of techniques, in order to seek new directions for contemporary theatre, and for new stage writing forms; and at the same time, today, how we can make a bridge to the traditional theatre, like a mask theatre or mime, or other inspirations such as Chinese opera or Balinese sacred theatre.
Carolina Pecheny, a mime performer, mask actress and text actress, was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina; her parents have Europeans origins; she has been living in France for fifteen years, and working six years as a permanent member of the worldwide known Théâtre du Soleil in Paris, led by Ariane Mnouchkine. This company is composed of about 20 different nationalities, and its work is inspired by a variety of cultures.

Today, as a full member of the Comedie De l’Est, Centre Dramatique National at Colmar, France, she directs plays for the theatre repertory. She is interested in practicing mixed arts, in joined techniques, and is ready to accept different points of view in order to enrich her work.