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A Video-Performance
Rodolphe Bourotte, Latifa Le Forestier, Franck Cantereau, France

| Thursday, 30th June 2011 | 19.00 / CCNS, Main Hall |

Duration: 50 minutes

Nohib is born from the will to deeply explore the different kinds of sound one can make with a simple instrument, specially built by Latifa: a metallic frame on which three strings are bent, and sound transducers which mixing allows for timbre modification.
Different musical languages are in use: classical solfeggio, as well as graphical and textual language, meditative minimalism, multiparametric maximalism.
The video is reinforcing the underlying story of this project, which is a philosophical view of how humanity deals with nature. Like the sound part, it employs artificial / numeric structures and mixes them with natural visual matter, to exploit the relations between these somehow antonymic worlds.


Rodolphe Bourotte has been writing electroacoustic and instrumental music since 1998.
Recently, he is especially interested in new ways of considering musical writing, based on controlled aleatory events. Towards this goal, he developed a computer assisted real-time information display for the musicians. He gets more and more involved into making music with the computer considered as an instrument, either autonomously, or in a dialogue with instrumentalists.
Since 2007, he is a member of the Parisian computer ensemble CLSI, which is invited for the second time in 2011 to play at the Stockhausen Courses in Kürten.


Latifa Le Forestier is a pluridisciplinary artist, actor, puppeteer, stage props creator. Her musical activity developed since 2000, while creating special sounding objects and playing them in public. She has toured in France and Europe with several theatrical companies: Nelson Dumont, Propos, Pupella-Noguès, A, Turak théâtre, Théâtre des valises, Iatus, Kobez, and the progressive rock group Aquaserge.

Franck Cantereau has been involved in various video installations, and theatrical or musical performances after he finished his visual arts studies (Angoulème’s Beaux-Arts) 1991-1995. He created a multicultural restaurant/library in 2002, Autresens, located in the south of France, for which he has been director, cook, mason until 2008.