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Workshop led by Michel Mathieu, Théâtre2l’acte, France

| Saturday – Tuesday, 25th – 28th June 2011 | 10.00 / Ballet School |

Stage art today is full of experiences where classical role of an actor is no longer sufficient. An actor is required to possess improvisational qualities as well as an ability to offer creative suggestions. In its most radical forms, it is the protagonist’s inventiveness that is the true foundation of a piece. Even in the traditional vision of theatre, it is necessary that an actor is able to show his own inventiveness. 
This workshop is aimed at awakening actors’ imagination, imagination in acting, materialised in the movement and voice, in the attitude to the living partner and an object. For imagining something and structuring it starting from one’s own imagination it is necessary to set off on a very special road and listen intently.
This meeting will be an opportunity to explore the paths which can help an actor master the tools necessary for this dimension of the play. 

1. Training: a series of exercises for awakening the body and voice and liberating them from the mind’s control over the spontaneity of a personality, liberation of instincts and seeking qualities of energy.
2. Awareness of the tangibility of stage: practical approach to space and time through defined codes of improvisation.
3. Space of imagination:
- body: associations, exchange and transfer of body signals, changing gestural phrases, transformations and contrasts
- voice: re-discovery of the infra-verbal, invented languages, dialogues of voice impulses, creation of sound poems, connection between the voice and corporal dynamics
- living partner: creation of the world (a realisation of a universe starting from free associations of actors), pyramidal improvisations with certain imposed conditions
- object: manipulation of the story, object dramas, construction of space, dynamic set designs
- general play: work on ‘correspondences’ through mandatory transitions from one register to the other, state of theatricised soul, extended moments, syntheses in the Italian Futurists’ style
- word: we will not rely heavily on this dimension, from the obvious linguistic reasons; it will be enough to present a certain number of approaches and ways

The workshop is intended for all theatre artists (maximum 16 people).

Practical aspects
The participants are expected to bring comfortable work clothes and to know one short poem by heart, with a French translation, if possible (maximum 20 lines).