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Workshop led by Heni Varga, Serbia

| Wednesday – Saturday, 29th June – 2nd July 2011 | 10.00 / The Novi Sad Theatre, Small Stage |

Space around Body – Space in Body.
Body in Defined Space – Defined Space in Body.

To observe, to establish, to change two different spaces – the one in body and the one outside body. To think of everything that takes up space and place around us and in us. To concentrate on the outside world, on external influences and the internal quintessence. 
Does space define a performer or a performer defines space?
What are the qualities of the ‘internal space’ that a performer has at his disposal on the stage (in a defined or an improvised space); how to keep revealing, diagnosing this space; how to manage it? How to overbalance space? What is the symmetry of space like; what is the harmony of our body like? 
Body is the line which defines the boundaries between the external and the internal space. The border is a MAN – a living, organic matter; an open and closed, constantly malleable, volatile substance.   
The workshop includes developing physical fitness: strenuous exercise with simple body positions. Stretching and releasing which is also based on the endurance of time. Two-three, perhaps five complex exercises, but also a real adoption, experiencing, exploring, understanding of these exercises. Developing concentration: immobility, identical repetition of a certain gesture at equal intervals.  
The workshop is intended for actors, dancers, musicians, set designers, as well as visual artists.
Heni Varga, an actress, dancer and choreographer, graduated from the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 1991. Her art career started at the National Theatre in Subotica, but after moving to France she worked with a number of French and international troupes, collaborating with noted directors and choreographers, such as Josef Nagy, Dénes Debrei, Christine Quoiraud, Iztok Kovač, András Urbán, among others. She has been to Japan several times. There she worked with Dénes Debrei on the development of the play Five for Two and intensively collaborated with Min Tanaka.