Ana Dubljević & Igor Koruga, Serbia

by Ana Dubljević & Igor Koruga
Performance space: Siniša Ilić
Performance space construction: Karkatag collective
Designer: Katarina Popović
PR: Sanja Ljumović
Music: Darja Janošević
Producer: Ksenija Djurović
Photography: Vladimir Opsenica

Co-production: Station Service for Contemporary Dance and the Bitef Theatre with the support of Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Departures and Arrivals (DNA) network through the Creative Europe programme

Running time: 55 minutes

The piece Only Mine Alone explores the so called “negative emotions” of an individual as a significant quality of everyday life within the present capitalist society. The inspiration for this research, besides the authors’ personal experiences, came from the theoretical and artistic work of Ann Cvetkovich, who treats them as social and cultural signifiers, rather than medical condition of an individual. The work supports public recognition of these emotions on a collective level, as a potential starting point for emergence of new forms of collectiveness, solidarity and socio-political activity.

The play represent the continuity of joint work of Ana Dubljević and Igor Koruga, that have been artistically working together on several projects in the last five years, exploring different themes through the field of choreography and dance: the survival and function of public speech in today's capitalist society, the status and rights of persons with rare diseases in Serbia, social status of artists of the new generation of contemporary dance; exploring the conditions of temporality as basic life and work conditions in today's art market, etc. On a formal level, these artists are dealing with the analysis of the choreography in the sphere of immaterial - the language, producing “tab choreography” as an expanded form of theatrical expression. In cooperation with four local choreographers, they implemented the performances: Practice What You Pitch! (2013); Expose (2013/2014); In the Bar / Streamlined (2014/2015); Temporaries (2011-2013).

Ana Dubljević (Belgrade, 1980) is a performer and author in the field of dance, choreography and choreography as an extended practice. Her artistic interests are focused on the concepts and relationships of language and body in dance. She explores the issues of politicalness of art and artwork on the one hand, and our everyday individual and collective lives today on the other. She is an active member of Station Service for Contemporary Dance. She graduated from the Higher School of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade, and her educational and artistic development in the field of contemporary dance and choreography took her through various non-institutional platforms such as Enparts Campus 2010, Nomad Dance Academy 2008, DanceWEB/ImpulsTanz 2007, Fostering Creativity and InteatroFestival Academy 2006; in 2012/2013 Ana’s artistic work was supported by the APAP Network; she took part in The Curatorial Project 2011 and been the artist in residence in the Life Long Burning - Workspace Brussels 2013, Jardin d’Europe - Cullberg Theater 2012, Mogosoaia Center 2008, etc.
In 2014 Ana started her Master studies in Choreography and Performance Art at the Institute for theatre studies in Giesen and Frankfurt, where she has successfully completed the first year of the course. She is currently on a scholarship of the Erasmus + student exchange programme and continues her education in the Dramaturgy Performance Master Course at the University of Zagreb.  

Igor Koruga (Belgrade, 1985) works in the field of contemporary performing arts (dance and choreography). He received his Master Degree in the Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) Department of the University of Arts in Berlin, as well as in Ethnology and Anthropology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. He was on scholarship of the dance educational programmes Nomad Dance Academy and DanceWeb, as well as the scholarship for dance of the Berlin Mayor’s Office. Since 2006 Igor has been an active member of the organisation Station Service for Contemporary Dance in Belgrade. Since 2015 he has been working as a reader at the Belgrade Art Dance Institute. He is a member of the Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia (UBUS). As a choreographer and performer, Igor has taken part in a number of art residences and platforms on the local, regional and international level (e.g. TASK-TALA Dance Centre, Zagreb; Le Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier; Summer Coaching - WorkspaceBrussels, Brussels; KulturKontakt, Vienna; TanzFabrik Berlin, etc.). As a performer, choreographer and dramaturge he has worked within numerous theatres and cultural organisations – the National Theatre, Belgrade; Bitef Theatre, Belgrade; Dansens Hus, Stockholm; Tanz Quartier / Museum Quartier, Vienna; Trafo, Budapest; Ufer- Studios, Berlin; Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) Berlin; Weld, Stockholm, etc. He is the winner of the Gran Prix and the Critics’ Award from the XIX Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade, and the annual award of the National Rare Disease Organisation of Serbia (NORBS) for outstanding contribution to the improvement of status of people suffering from rare diseases in Serbia through his artistic engagement. His artistic interests are focused on exploration of choreography as an extended practice of stage expression which is used in the exploration of intangible forms – language and different social and cultural phenomena.

Station is a bottom-up initiative of the contemporary dance and performing arts community in Serbia, established in 2005. It has been working towards making that community strengthened, structured, and recognized by cultural policy makers, state institutions, cultural operators, educational policy makers, Balkan and European partners and funding bodies.
One of the ultimate goals of Station is to provide reasonable and professional working conditions to all active parties on the art scene in Serbia and the Balkan Region through programmes for education, professional development, production, promotion, advocacy and cultural policy. Because of its wide range of activities, Station has an extensive network of national and international partners: Nomad Dance Academy, Life Long Burning, Association of Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia, advanced performing arts project and many other individuals and organizations.